Hero Collector Brings The Orville to Comic-Con@Home

We may all be sitting at home instead of physically being at Comic Con this year but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of awesome things to be excited about. With Comic-Con@Home, many companies have been sitting up virtual booths and are still offering some incredible goodies for people to get their hands on. Take the very fine folk over at Hero Collector/Eaglemoss for example. They have just announced that they have opened pre-orders for their latest line of model ships. The Orville Starship Collection is based on Seth McFarlane’s hit TV show/love letter to Star Trek, of the same name. If you’ve yet to see the show, I do highly recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of classic episodic sci-fi with some comedy thrown in. With the success of similar model ship lines based on other franchises, a line based on the Orville seemed like a no brainer! In the TV show itself, we get a whole host of varied ships. Ranging from the those  of the heroic Planetary Union (like the Orville and the Union Shuttle) to the militarized Moclans, the synthetic Kaylon or fanatical Krill, so there are plenty of cool ships to look forward to.

First announced at the Orville’s panel at last year’s SDCC, we’re now getting a good look at the first three releases from this line.

First up:

  • USS Orville (ECV-197), the eponymous vessel of The Orville! This Exploratory-class vessel was designed for long voyages into uncharted space, carrying nearly 300 crew members and their families.

Of course, we start with the Orville ship itself and that’s fine with me. I’m a big fan of the design of the ship. It’s both unique and familiar at the same time. Right off of the bat, we’re getting two versions of this wonderful thing. The standard sized size, that comes in at around 13cms in length, priced at £19.99. This follows the already available and the increasingly popular “XL” sized version, coming in at a staggering 26cms in length and priced at £49.99. You cannot fault or match the Hero Collector ships in the level of detail. I own a large number of ships from their various Star Trek lines and let me tell you, they are all beautiful. So, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I’ll be going for the standard size myself, but that’s only because of my limited studio space but believe me, if I could, I’d be going all in for the XL version.

Next up:

  • Union Shuttle (ECV-197-1), the sleek shuttlecraft used by the USS Orville’s crew to ferry themselves to other ships and the surfaces of alien planets.

At present, there’s only one size for the Union Shuttle and that’s standard size, coming in at 12cm in length and is also £19.99. It’s a great looking piece and appears to replicate the Shuttle from the show perfectly.

The Orville Starship Collection is featuring prominently at Hero Collector’s virtual booth during this unprecedented Comic-Con@Home, so for more information on this model line or for exclusive convention deals, be sure to check that out or head on over to their website at the link before.

The XL Orville is available now through their website, with a September release scheduled for the standard sized Orville and Union Shuttle.

I think this line is going to be rad and my advice is that if you’re interested in this line, I would head over to link below and pre-order now because if they’re anything like the other Hero Collector model ship lines, particularly the Star Trek line, then the prices of these ships will jump dramatically on the secondary market, so don’t wait. Head on over to the Hero Collector Comic-Con@Home virtual booth for pre-orders or check out: https://shop.eaglemoss.com/us/comic-con.

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