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Wonder Woman 1984: The Headliner of the Holiday Season

As the holiday season swings into full-gear, the DC Universe will be coming to the rescue on Christmas day for its fans in theaters and on HBO Max with one of its most iconic characters. And there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic since 2017’s Wonder Woman marked a return to form for the DCEU. By all accounts, Wonder Woman 1984 looks to be an even more unique storyline for the Princess of Themyscira.

Set in, well read the title, the story places Diana Prince right in the thick of the Cold War. Producer Anna Obropta paints a clear picture of the United States during this time period. As the USSR was slowly falling apart, America was beginning to reach the height of its “power and pride.” Obropta elaborates, “It was everything–commercialism, passion, wealth, even violence was in excess. It was a decade of greed and desire…. it was humanity at its best and at its worst.” The idea of the “American dream” was never any stronger than it was in the 1980s.

For some, 1984 was a paradise. For others, it more resembled George Orwell’s dystopian society in his novel of the same name. Nevertheless, this is a completely different environment from the first movie’s World War I setting. And in this new world, Wonder Woman will be fighting two of her most formidable enemies. Pedro Pascal, known for playing Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones, takes on the role of Maxwell Lord. Additionally, Kristen Wiig will veer from the comedy genre as the notorious Barbara Ann Minerva. I cannot wait to see the slow burn transformation of Minerva into the ferociously unpredictable Cheetah.

While the first movie was more of a coming-of-age film, this sequel sees Wonder Woman as a less naive, more mature character. Losing all of her friends from the previous film, Diana has been living over six decades on Earth. Still, the most important question that many fans are asking for Wonder Woman 1984 is whether the invisible plane will make an appearance. And there are also some other major questions to be asked after looking at the trailer.

Characters that seemingly died in the past movie, like Steve Trevor and Antiope will have roles. Steve is definitely alive and well in this film. And with no aging makeup to boot! This resurrection seems like a combination of Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises and Steve Rogers in The First Avenger

What is clear is that this will be a very different film from the 2017 movie. In an interview with Total Film Magazine, Kristen Wiig noted how the movie, “doesn’t feel like a sequel in that… everything’s different. The posters, the music, everything.” But it’s definitely fair to trust Patty Jenkins, who gave us the first film and 2003’s Monster. So celebrate this holiday season with DC’s demigoddess because Wonder Woman 1984 might offer exactly the kind of twists and turns that you would welcome.

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