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Divided We Stand: Top 6 Hopes for the Second Half of Rwby Volume 8

RWBY Volume 8 is currently taking hiatus before releasing the rest of the episodes. So far, it’s been an excellent season, with a great mix of tension and character growth. The team’s earned a much needed break, but we were left with a rather large cliffhanger last chapter. I’ve been thinking about what could happen in the next seven chapters, and I’ve narrowed down six potential points that I’d love to see become a reality.

6. May and Team RNBW vs. Penny

Chapter 7 left us with a major cliffhanger. Penny crash landed in front of the Schnee Manor, apologizing before going unconscious in a pool of her own blood. Based on her prior conflict with Watts and the short teaser in the opening sequence, it’s almost guaranteed that Penny will be hacked. She’s proven herself to be extremely powerful, especially now that she has the Winter Maiden powers, so a fight against May and Team RNBW (Ruby, Nora, Blake and Weiss) is almost to be expected. That doesn’t mean I’m any less hyped for this fight to happen, even if it’s somewhat predictable. I do expect Penny to fare incredibly well on her own even though she’s injured and outmatched. There’s no telling how much more dangerous she’ll become with Watts at the wheel.

5. Yang and Neo’s Long Awaited Rematch

Team JLY (Jaune, Ren and Yang) are going to enter Monstra very soon, possibly by the next chapter. With Mercury, Tyrian, and possibly Cinder out on their own missions, that leaves the team with three potential villain encounters, excluding Salem. However, two of those villains, Hazel and Emerald, might be preoccupied with figuring out how the Relic of Knowledge works, so that means the most likely matchup would be Neo. That means for the first time in six volumes, Yang and Neo could get a rematch. Maybe she promises Jaune and Ren that she’ll take care of Neo while they search for Oscar. Either way, I’d love to see that rematch play out, and I’d love to see whether or not Yang could actually win against everyone’s favorite ice cream girl.

4. Nora’s Semblance Evolves

When Ren’s semblance evolved in episode 7, I was super excited. Finally, a chance to watch our heroes’ power change and grow! It marks a huge shift in Ren’s character, and I’d love for the same thing to happen with Nora. They’re not tied at the hip anymore, so Nora’s got the perfect chance to realize who she really is. She already voiced feeling too attached to Ren to know anything about herself back in episode 3. So the logical way forward is that, once she’s recovered, her semblance will evolve with her newfound knowledge about herself and her personal goals. Maybe Nora will be able to charge other peoples’ aura with her semblance, or maybe she can summon her own lightning instead of relying on storms or dust. I’m also hoping she keeps the scars she got from overcharging herself as a kind of reminder of her past.

3. The World Answers Ruby’s Call

Ruby sent out a distress signal to the kingdoms of Remnant, asking for help in protecting Atlas and Mantle. We saw a few familiar faces in that episode, including Ilia and Glynda Goodwitch. With such a dark volume, I’d love it if we witnessed the kingdoms uniting to come to Atlas’s aid. I’d personally love to see more of Glynda in the new Maya engine, but I’d also be excited if the other professors from Beacon appeared too, like Port and Oobleck. Having these old but beloved characters come to the rescue would be a wonderfully happy note in an otherwise grim volume (and yes, pun intended).

2. Whitley Unlocks His Semblance

This one might sound farfetched, but hear me out. I have a love-hate relationship with Whitley. I think he’s uptight and proper like his father, but he also hasn’t had much screen time to really grow. We’ve been seeing more of him in Volume 7 and 8, and last episode was a huge step forward for his character. He felt sympathy towards Nora and called Klein to help her recover, something the main team didn’t think of. Whitley’s got such amazing potential now to step out of his father’s shadow and make a big difference, and what better way to show that than by unlocking his own semblance? I think if anything, he’ll get the chance to do this during the fight with Penny. If Nora’s still incapacitated by that point, I’m hoping his semblance ends up being something to protect her with. It’d be ironic but powerful if he could summon like his sisters, and especially if his specialty was in using walls or shields.

1. The Hound Was Once A Familiar Face

We were introduced to The Hound this volume. It’s a sentient Grimm who can adapt to new circumstances and even speak. I want to believe there’s a reason for this. Since Salem refers to the Hound as an experiment, I think it’s likely she used a human base to create her new companion. If that’s the case, then what are the chances that the human she used was a familiar face? For the sake of tying characters and motives together, I’d like to bet that the Hound was formed out of either Torchwick or Summer’s bodies. This would give Ruby some pause to fight it in the future, and it would give Neo the perfect excuse to leave Salem’s faction. She still holds loyalty to her boss, after all! But if this theory is true, it spells out some disastrous consequences for Cinder. Perhaps she’s Salem’s next experiment, a new Hound in the making.

Whatever happens, RWBY Volume 8 is shaping up to be one of the best volumes yet! It’s left me on the edge of my seat with each and every chapter. Now all we can do is wait for the hiatus to end and discover what Atlas and Mantle’s fates are.

RWBY Volume 8 will resume on February 6th, 2021 with Chapter 8.

What are you hoping for in the second half of RWBY Volume 8? What are your theories on the Hound? Let us know in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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