DC Comics and Its Extravagant Trends

Everyone is familiar with Batman and Joker. The legend of rivalry between these two is still on and the fans are always on the edge. The discussion of the character turns into banter when fans pick sides between the two. Yes, you heard it right. Batman being the hero and having his huge asset resource from his inheritance has a huge fan following. The Joker on the other hand is seen as one of the most accomplished comic villains ever created. The criminal mastermind mostly playing his tricks on the hero finds very wacky ways to pull his show on damages over the city of Gotham.

Evolution of DC Comics

The brand of comics that has successfully created heroes and monsters has always been taking it up to multiple levels. The creators make sure that even if the setting of the comic is the same for the last couple of decades, it is still interesting. How do they even manage to do this? 

Best Comics ever?

Marking the success of the comic’s name were a few noted series. These are read and worshipped for their stunning victory to please the entire fan base. Let us now see a few of these exemplary works of art.

Batman – No Man’s land

The whole Batman – No Man’s Land lays down an incredible storyline. The main points that we can see throughout the series are 1. How Gordon reinstated his power over the city of Gotham. 2. How Batman reinstates him as the savior of the city and re-ignites the fire of fear inside all those who are involved in criminal activities. 

The comic series not only places both the characters at many thrilling moments but also gives a feeling of fulfillment to the eager fans of the franchise. 

Batman -Hush 

This series of comics is one of the best published. One of the most amazing facts about this particular name tag is the sheer number of characters that are involved in it. The story tilts and tweaks at points to introduce different characters. Another noteworthy point about the “Hush” is its insane illustration. The attraction between Batman and character Selina grows hotter in this story-line and they even get back together. 

Let us now look at a much newer version of Batman from recent times. 

Batman – The Joker War

The comic sets up a grand venue for something the fans have been waiting for for about 80 years. A battle between Batman and Joker. In this comic, multiple things are at play. One is the conclusion to the rivalry and the future. 

Then comes a subtle introduction of the character known as the Ghost-Maker. Overall this is known as one of the most influential comics to be released ever.  

DC comics have put in their heart and soul to create and maintain such figures who make an impact in a person’s life. These comics not only write stories of characters but also challenges the fan. The ongoing evolution of comics will surely bring us new experiences in the future.  


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