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“Vehi-Kill” #1 Is Imaginative And Action-Packed

Vehi-Kill #1 is an imaginative, action-packed comic written by Mathew Hardy with art by Norrie Millar and Rob Jones. The issue introduces the readers into a world thrown into chaos due to possessed vehicles. As the pun in the name suggests, these vehicles – otherwise called Hell-cars – have been attacking various towns and leaving a bloody trail in their wake. This immediately engages due to the fast paced storytelling and surprising attack of the cars.

From the get go, the story jumps right into the midst of a prison break; all the cars in the town coming to life and turning on the prisoners interrupts. The reader becomes just as confused by the savage and apparently sentient cars as the escaped convicts. This battle makes for a great entrance for the protagonists: a diverse group of unlikely allies that battle the Hell-cars. The team includes the intelligent team leader Marian Finanz, the priest Simon Thompson, and tech-savvy Mikel Antar.

Although the only actual priest is Thompson, the trio all dress as priests. Their outfits, in combination with the scientifically advanced weapons they carry, make them appear anachronic. Their strategies and presentation convey an interesting allusion to the relationship between the church and possession. The religious theme also prompts the question: are the cars really a demonic curse of judgment day, or is there a scientific explanation for all of this?

Although fast paced, the comic still provides brief introductions to each character. This tactic combines with witty dialogue, allowing readers a clear understanding of the characters’ personalities. As a result, the text and dynamic are overall more engaging. Still, the cool team remains cryptic enough, therefore each character’s true motives remain unknown.

Additionally, the art style is compelling and works well to convey the chaotic setting. The art uses vibrant and saturated colors for the fire and the Hell-cars to contrast against the muted backgrounds. The cartoonish art style pairs nicely with the violent nature of the story. Instead of softening the blow of the more gruesome images, the impact of flying limbs further adds to the surprise.

Vehi-Kill #1 hits the ground running with fast-paced action sequences, leaving readers breathless. The dynamic between the protagonists make for a fun read. The story promises to explore the relationship between religion and science through the teams’ personal beliefs and their fighting techniques. #1 leaves off on a mysterious note after an attempt to gather intel fails and a strange organization is introduced. The closing panels carry the implication that one or more of the team may be in league with the organization.

Hopefully, future issues of the series will bring more depth. Maybe even a look into each characters’ background and their relationship with the Hell-cars. The wonderfully outlandish concept of killer cars is a fun combination alongside the badass “priests”.

Would you like to see more of the world of Vehi-Kill? If you are interested, the first two issues are now available to purchase at Comixology. How do you feel about possessed cars? Let us know in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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