Top 5 Best Comic Book Shows Of The 21st Century to Watch on a First Date

People are drawn to joining a dating platform for all sorts of reasons, but one of the most popular is compatibility. These outlets will present profiles of other site users, allowing you to sift through these, seeking individuals sharing your passions.  Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or casual encounters, online dating appears to be a practical way to date for most people.  For instance, say you happen to have a fairly universal interest, like comic book shows, discovering another single on your wavelength makes it easy to think of icebreakers during your online conversations. With online dating being at the peak of its popularity, this scenario is not out of the realm of possibility. Just chat about your top five, and see if your new partner agrees.

Locke and Key

Partly screen written by Joe Hill, none other than the son of the iconic American horror author Steven King, Locke and Key is an excellent and thoroughly entertaining series built on an unusual premise. There are fantastical keys located in a family’s ancestral home on the New England coast, dating back to the Revolutionary Wars fought to secure US independence from the British Empire in the 1770s. When these keys can be slotted into the back of someone’s neck, they grant entry to a mysterious parallel dimension. This allows the Lock children to investigate the circumstances surrounding their father’s horrific murder. The unusual plotline, unfolding as it does in parallel settings at a dizzying pace, can be the perfect viewing to get your date night off to a flying start.


This superhero action series is based on the Image Comics feature of the same name. Upon its release on Amazon Prime Video earlier this year, Invincible received widespread acclaim for the strength of its performances, not to mention the slick animation, and enthralling action sequences. The storyline focuses on Mark Grayson, the titular Invincible, who gained his superpowers as a teenager, although he struggled to make sense of these. Eventually, he gets involved in battles with various villains, allowing him to define himself as someone who can do right.


To the uninitiated, Krypton is the planet where Superman was born. This thoroughly entertaining series is a prequel to his story and is set on his whole planet about two centuries before his birth. In the prequel’s plotline, the superhero’s grandfather, Seg-El has been ostracised from his community and must struggle to regain his sense of honor. Against this backdrop, he must also rise to the challenge of saving his homeworld from the activities of various nefarious protagonists. Amongst the riveting action scenes, you will uncover the Black Zero terrorist group,  alien androids, and various other characters intent on plunging Krypton into chaos.

The Umbrella Academy

Based on a comic book written by Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy consists of two thoroughly gripping series which would be ideal for your first date (and if things progress well the subsequent dates!). The Umbrella Academy has loosely been described as ‘superheroes, albeit a very dysfunctional example.’ The Academy is a group consists of seven orphans with superpowers, who are called into action to save the world. Along the way, there are numerous interesting characters, including Spaceboy, The Kraken, and the Séance,  each with their own highly idiosyncratic traits.


Based on DC comics characters, Pennyworth is a crime and drama series that first premiered in 2019. Its central character, Alfred Pennyworth is best known as the loyal and tireless butler of Bruce Wayne aka Batman, meaning you are already highly invested in the character. But this modern take focuses on his early life in England, after his service with the elite army unit, the SAS. 

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