4 Comic Inspired Games

Comics, movies and games are so closely tied in pop culture that it is difficult sometimes to determine which one originated from what exactly! Nevertheless, let’s get started on our list of the top four comics inspired games which definitely had an origin in the pages of a comic book before any of it was featured anywhere else.

Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018)

Spider-Man is both an iconic comic book character and a surprisingly successful video game character, right from the early days of the original PlayStation in 2000. The PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018, however, remains arguably the best Spider-Man game to ever be released up and until 2021. No other game had ever made the player feel like Spider-Man as much as this PlayStation Exclusive from Insomniac Games did. The only other Spider-Man game that can challenge Marvel’s Spider-Man is Miles Morales, which is actually a sequel by the same developer and does sport some jaw dropping graphical elements. Nevertheless, most players agree that Marvel’s Spider-Man proves a better gaming experience all the same.

Captain America Slot Game (2013)

Online pokies often feature superhero themes, but games such as The Dark Knight Rises Slot miss out on the comic origin and concentrate more on recent movies instead. The Captain American Slot is totally inspired by the original comics though, a fact which you will realize as soon as you try the real money slot game yourself.

Batman Arkham City

Not all of the games in this superb series have received the same favours as some of the others, but they are all worth playing, if only to follow the storyline. Arkham City is the best game in the series according to most gamers, but all games in the series are inspired purely by the Batman comic book universe and not the DC Cinematic Universe. Beating thugs and supervillains to a pulp with your bare hands, or swooping down from a gargoyle like a nightmare on tensed goons has never been so much fun!

Injustice 2 by NetherRealm Studios

What happens when Mortal Kombat veterans develop a fighting game powered by the same engine and a quite similar fighting system? You get Injustice 1 & 2; two amazing fighting games where Batman can punch the living daylights out of Doomsday! It is one of the most ridiculously enjoyable comic themed fighting games ever created!

There is a lot more to the vast world of comics than most of us are aware of, including gamers. Almost everyone knows about Thor, Odin and Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies, but they might not be aware that there is also Hercules (Herc) in the same universe. Herc has bested Thor, Hulk and even the mighty Sentry in the original Marvel Universe (MU). Similarly, some of the best games have also been based loosely on popular comic books, and not everyone knows about those origins, even after playing and loving those same games.

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