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Loki Episode 5: A Loki’s Glorious Purpose

Loki‘s fifth episode is here! It’s the second-to-last episode before the finale, so there’s a lot of ground to cover. It’s titled “Journey Into Mystery”, which is pretty ominous for what I consider one of the lighthearted episodes. And, for multiple reasons, it’s taken the title of my favorite episode yet. So let’s talk about what makes this episode glorious.

At the beginning of the episode, we rejoin the cast of Loki Variants in their new world. Now this is going get chaotic, so for the sake of clarity, Tom Hiddleston‘s Loki will be referred to as “TVA Loki”. You’ll see why that’s necessary. Every Loki tells TVA Loki to not ask questions and keep walking. There’s a giant storm cloud behind them that’s hellbent on their destruction. It’s called Alioth, according to the Variant Lokis, and it’s not something to be trifled with. However, we quickly cut back to the TVA. Sylvie and Renslayer come to a tense agreement, citing that they both want to know who truly created the Time-Keepers and the TVA. As they’re looking for answers, Renslayer explains that pruning doesn’t kill people. Rather, it sends them to the end of time. No Nexus events, no branching timelines. It’s an area that’s still being written.

They have a prototype vehicle that can take them to the void, she says. Sylvie calls Renslayer’s bluff just in time, and she ducks behind Renslayer’s desk as more TVA agents come barging in. Renslayer orders Sylvie to come out, to discuss things more, but Sylvie has another idea. She prunes herself right in front of Renslayer. It’s not nearly as heartbreaking, now that we know getting pruned means you don’t die. But Renslayer still lies to the other TVA agents and says Sylvie’s dead. She didn’t lie about everything, however. She still wants to find the TVA’s creator, so off she goes to find answers.

Back with TVA Loki, the Variant Lokis lead him to their hideout. He learns that Kid Loki’s Nexus event was killing Thor, and Alligator Loki ate the wrong cat. Classic Loki’s event, meanwhile, was that he loved Thor. Like the fan theories that sprung about after Loki’s death in Infinity War, this Loki created an elaborate projection of himself during his confrontation with Thanos. With himself presumed dead, he isolated himself for years on end, and when he finally reappeared to reunite with his brother, the TVA was waiting for him. One thing connects all the Variant Lokis, however. They’re all fairly resigned to their fate in this empty world and don’t have any drive to find a way out. TVA Loki, however, wants to kill Alioth. He asks for their help, and once they laugh at his plans, he insists he’ll do it himself. He emerges from their little hideout, only to find even MORE Loki Variants waiting for him.

Apparently, Berserker Loki made a deal with them. He’d show them the hideout, and he’d take the throne. But this quickly turns into a game of backstabbing and betrayal. Alligator Loki promptly bites off another Loki’s hand, and a fight begins! TVA Loki doesn’t look amused at any of this. It’s hilarious, since he’s getting a taste of his own medicine! Classic Loki creates a portal to get him out of there, and the team meets up outside, minus Berserker Loki. TVA Loki still wants to take down Alioth, and reluctantly, the three Loki Variants agree to help.

Back with Sylvie, she wakes up in the void. Alioth spots her, and as she’s running, she makes a mental connection to it. That connection means she could enchant it if she tried. But she doesn’t make an attempt this time around. Instead, Mobius comes to the rescue in a pizza car, and the two drive off together. Yep, Mobius is alive! Thank goodness! They come across TVA Loki and Co. as they’re watching Alioth completely eradicate an entire ship that had appeared moments before. That destroys TVA Loki’s hopes of killing it, but perhaps there’s another way.

Taking a moment to breathe, Sylvie and TVA Loki sit down and have a heart-to-heart. TVA Loki uses his powers for the first time in ages to conjure a blanket since he’s cold. He uses this as a sly excuse to extend the blanket over Sylvie, too. Honestly, I didn’t like this scene at all. Blanket aside, there was so much palpable tension between them both. TVA Loki should’ve used this opportunity to finish what he was going to tell Sylvie back at the TVA. But nope! They simply bonded over…what, exactly? I really don’t know. I don’t want to believe they’re trying to be romantic, but I think that’s where this is going. I’ve got complaints about that. A LOT of complaints.

Eventually the group decides that Sylvie should attempt to enchant Alioth. She believes it’s acting like a guard dog for something, and she wants to find out what. TVA Loki agrees to stay and help, but everyone else? Nope, they’re out of here. Even Mobius dips out, after bidding them both goodbye and announcing that Sylvie’s his favorite Loki. He also says he’s going to burn the TVA to the ground, and I hope we get to see that happen. He deserves a little arson after all he’s been through.

Sylvie attempts to enchant Alioth, but it’s not working. Loki tries to make a distraction, but that doesn’t work either. It’s Classic Loki who steps in with a mighty distraction. He recreates an entire Asgard illusion, which Alioth tries to eat for dinner. Just as the illusion falls, Sylvie combines her power with TVA Loki, and they both enchant Alioth together. It comes too late, however, and Classic Loki dies. This was his glorious purpose, and he accepts death with open arms and a very Loki-sounding laugh. Sylvie and Loki, having successfully enchanted Alioth, are shown the passageway to an unknown location. They step through, holding hands, and the episode ends.

This is it, folks. Next episode, we’ll learn about who created the Time-Keepers. We’ll find out if Marvel really decided to pair Sylvie and TVA Loki romantically. And above all else, we’ll see if Mobius gets a jet ski. He deserves to commit arson, but he deserves that jet ski even more.

What did you think of episode five? Do you have a favorite Loki? Who do you think created the Time-Keepers? Let us know in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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