Cosplay As A Popular Form Of Leisure For Students

Following their socio-cultural needs, students devote their leisure time mainly to such factors as entertainment, communication, self-education, etc. Having free time, in general, is one of the most important means of student’s personality, communication, knowledge of the world.

According to several researchers, students in the process of active professional and social development, due to age and psychological characteristics, more effectively adapt to the trends of the constantly changing world. Modern culture defines leisure as the process of creating conditions for a person’s motivational choice of objective activity. This process is determined by the needs and interests of the individual.  Actively spending free time and being satisfied by it, students start to perform better in the academic field and become more successful overall.

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Forms Of Leisure

Let’s see which forms of leisure exist and how they can be defined. Basically, the most popular types of leisure can be divided into traditional and innovative. Traditional forms include festivals, competitions (dance, vocal, etc.), participation in amateur groups (musical groups, theater groups, dance groups, etc.), competition-game programs, intellectual games, intellectual and educational programs, summer recreation and sports camps, holidays, concerts, youth themed actions, tourism, discos.

Innovative forms of youth leisure include role-playing games (fantasy, medieval, knightly tournaments), extreme sports (paintball tournaments, extreme driving courses), extreme tourism, performance, Internet projects, online role-playing games, etc.

Among the most demanded innovative leisure forms, we can confidently single out cosplay, which has similar features of a role-playing game and allows an individual to realize creative potential. Also, just in case cosplay is not enough for you to realize your creative potential, you may think of joining an essay writing service like Masterpapers to fully realize your creative side.

What Is Cosplay?

The term “cosplay” can be defined as costume play, basically, it’s an abbreviation. Cosplay means full transformation into a character (anime, manga, computer game, etc.), dressing up, make-up, role-playing. The task of the cosplayer (cosplay participant) is to match the selected character as much as possible. The cosplayer seeks to fully reveal his character, copy his behavior, manner of speaking, phrases, and gestures, and show his character.

Features Of A True Cosplay

Cosplay is a game of educational and entertainment purposes, a type of dramatic action, the participants of which act within the framework of their chosen roles, guided by the nature of their role and the internal logic of the action environment; together create or follow an already created plot. The actions of the participants in the game are considered successful or not in accordance with the previously accepted and agreed rules. Players can freely improvise within the chosen rules, determining the direction and outcome of the game.

In cosplay, all the essence lies in the costumes. Cosplay, unlike a role-playing game, does not adhere to certain rules and is a whole creative process from the creation and implementation of an image to its direct display. The main prototypes of cosplay are cartoon characters, anime, video games, films, comics, legends, and myths. It should be noted that real-life characters can also act as prototypes, for example, musical performers and groups.

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The Roots of Cosplay

In the process of its formation, cosplay was a phenomenon of Japanese culture. Initially, it was divided only into cosplay based on computer games, anime, and manga. Over the past decade, cosplay has been gaining popularity in the USA, Europe, and other parts of the world.

In many European countries, cosplay began to take shape based on clubs and societies of Tolkien’s art lovers, science fiction. Nevertheless, in Japan, cosplay has long been a part of the national culture.

The Use Of Cosplay For Students

At first sight, cosplay may seem like only a game, however, it is much deeper than this. It educates students, develops creativity and social skills. If you are into cosplay together with your fellow students, it might build a strong bond between you, which might lead to further academic success and maybe even professional collaboration

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