4 Comic Book Characters Who Are Actually Geniuses

Comic books and the characters contained on their pages have fascinated us and sparked our creativity and imagination for decades. There are so many characters, superheroes and villains that we’re spoilt for choice. Today we’re going to have a look at four of the smartest heroes to ever grace the hallowed pages of the comic book.

Doctor Strange

Perhaps the smartest in all of comic book culture is Doctor Steven Strange. Not only was he a competent medical doctor before becoming the titular Doctor Strange, but he also spent many years training and learning across the multiverse, and in one scene can even be seen reading while he sleeps using his projected spirit. That’s a handy skill to have if you love to learn, and Doctor Strange definitely loves to learn, particularly from books. His knowledge of time, time travel, and the way he manipulates the multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is enough to make anyone jealous of his intelligence!

Doctor Octopus

Another doctor, it’s almost like comic book characters are quite smart!

Doctor Otto Gunther Octavius, also known as Doc Ock – or Doctor Octopus, has been a staple villain in the Spiderman universe since the early 1960s, and is instantly recognizable by his octopus like exoskeletal arms. They’re far more complex than just a mechanical suit of sorts, however. This crafty and genius inventor managed to not only create arms capable of both throwing cars and performing delicate operations, but they also actually interface into his very thoughts and therefore can be controlled using a psychic link. Genuis!

Iron Man

A list of the smartest comic book characters wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Tony Stark. He’s a tech genius who has a level of smart that we might never have seen in real life, responsible for the creation of an almost infinite number of technology inventions. Naturally, he’s most well known for the invention of his suit, but it doesn’t stop there. Let’s not forget he is the genius behind the creation of true artificial intelligence in Jarvis. Tony Stark is the living embodiment of a comic book genius, as well as being a master in the art of social engineering and earth’s most prolific playboy. We can only be glad that he’s one of the good guys. If there’s ever a reason to get your kids into tech with small tablets for kids, Iron Man is it.

The Green Goblin

Another villain from the Spiderman universe rounds out our list of genius comic book characters. Norman Osbourne knows a thing or two about creating tech that makes him a formidable enemy and threat to the good guys. From his complex glider to accompanying weapons and arsenal, the Green Goblin surely has genius that tops the scales. There’s a reason why he was made the head of HAMMER!

These are just four of the many genius characters we find in the world of comic books, which are full of inventors, geniuses and business tycoons, many of whom would probably exceed any measure of intelligence we might have.

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