Our All Time Superhero Soccer Team

Soccer is a sport played by some of the best, most powerful athletes out there. When we look at the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who seem to be magical, out of this world, in terms of their abilities on the pitch. They can single-handedly win matches, carry their teams through competitions and at the end of it all, pick up the best prizes in soccer. One thing we are certain of is the fact that they are likely to never be beaten in terms of the best in the world. It would take someone with super powers to outshine them, which is why we have decided to create our own superhero soccer team and choose which heroes we think would be best in each position.

Of course, there are many superheroes out there and only 11 positions on the pitch. We could have completed this team twice, three times over, or even more. However, this starting line-up is what we would consider to be the ultimate Superhero Soccer XI. If one day we miraculously see this team out there on a football pitch, be sure to put your bets on them to win. You could check out this Caesars sportsbook review and use their promotions to help you win.

Superhero Starting 11

Goalkeeper: Spider-Man

In goal, who else but The Amazing Spider-Man. For obvious reasons he had to be our Number 1. Nothing would be getting past him, not only because of his incredible acrobatics but also he could quite literally create a strong web covering the whole goal so there would be no way past him.

Defence: Wolverine, The Hulk, Captain America, Rhino

We felt this would be an incredibly strong defence. First off with the centre backs, you need a scary looking, strong centre back who isn’t going to be beaten to any ball and no one is getting round him, so we went for Hulk in that respect. Partnering alongside him is the captain, Captain America. All his life he has defended. He has been defending on a much larger scale than soccer which is why he is more than qualified for this position.

At right back we have Wolverine, his powers include enhanced senses, great strength, good reflexes, and good tracking. All of these powers would be necessary for the RB position as you need to be aware of attackers around you, not to let anyone get past you and sense attacking danger. On the left side, we have Rhino. Rhino has some similarities to Wolverine, he is strong, and has great stamina. But on top of this, he also has speed and great physical attributes that will scare away attackers.

Midfield: The Flash, Killmonger, Black Panther, The Winter Soldier

The midfield was one of the hardest positions to decide with there being so many options and possibilities. Nonetheless, we’ve picked an interesting midfield but for good reason, here is why.

In right midfield, we have The Flash. This was really up for no debate. This is one of the most important positions for getting involved in the attacking action both assisting and scoring goals. Every good right winger needs to be fast and skilful, this is exactly what  the  flash is, what else needs to be said?

In the centre of the field we have 2 midfielders, Killmonger and Black Panther. Killmonger has the powers needed to dominate the midfield, these superpowers include strength, expert tactician, hunter and a genius. Because of these powers, he will be able to pick out passes no one else on the pitch can see, as well as being able to track players and do a job defensively. Partnering him will of course be Black Panther. Black Panther has enhanced senses to sniff out danger and opportunity, he has  speed and also resilience. This is a really frightening midfield partnership for any opposition.

On the left side of midfield we have The Winter Soldier. The reason for this is because he has speed and stamina, which is obviously what  you need when running up and down the wing, strong energy blasts, strength and also healing, meaning he will never get injured.

Strikers: Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch.

Upfront we have Hawkeye and Scarlett Witch. Hawkeye will never miss, having a great eye for the goal so you would expect him to be top goal scorer every season. Accompanying him would be the magical Scarlett Witch. Scarlett Witch can get goals out of nothing. A lot of soccer games can be scrappy and if you are struggling for chances, you need someone to be able to just put the ball in the back of the net and she would be able to do exactly that.

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