Top 5 Best Gambling Animes to Watch

Gambling is not only to make money as it is a dynamic industry that provides ample entertainment in various forms, such as movies, anime, etc. If you are familiar with gambling, you may have noticed the casino’s drama and excitement; this industry has also given many legends. Furthermore, many Hollywood movies were also released based on gambling, and considering the demand of this industry, now, anime is also in the race.

Some popular animation companies have also released an outstanding anime based on gambling, which is really amazing. So, if you are a die-hard fan of gambling and want to watch the replica in the form of anime, then you have reached the right place as here you will find the best gambling anime you must watch.

Best 5 Outstanding And Nail – Biting Anime You Must Watch

The anime brings you the essence of the entire gambling industry, including high-tension, mind games, bluffs, and many more. The characters shown in the anime have a unique tenor, which gives an outstanding gambling experience. Additionally, if you go through the anime stats, you will find around 3.5% of the world’s population is connected to this platform.

Now, let’s see the best and most populous anime that perfectly represents gambling.

1) Kaiji: The Ultimate Warrior – Highly Rated Anime Of All Time

Kaiji Series is termed as the most hyped gambling anime, and the best one is the Ultimate Warrior. The anime was first streamed on Nippon TV in the year 2007 in Japan, and after its success, it was released in the USA in 2008.

The prime reason behind the success of Kaiji: The Ultimate Warrior was its storyline and the characters. The storyline reveals the underground gambling, its consequences, and the way to escape. In this anime, the main character is Kaiji, who failed to get a job after completing graduation. He is profound of gambling, and as a result, he was trapped in the debt of Yuji (a loan shark) because of his co-worker. Yuji needs his money back, so he gave an option to Kaiji to participate in the underground gambling on the cruise.

Kaiji didn’t have any choice, so he stepped into the cruise to clear the debt, but soon after landing on the cruise, he understood that going out is never going to be an easy job, and the anime exactly shows the same; the complete underground gambling and the gambling skills, and tricks applied by Kaiji to win the game.

2) Legendary Gambler Tetsuya – Mind Game Strategy

If you love Mahjong or need to learn the best gambling tricks, then Tetsuya is there to teach you. The anime came into the light in 2000 and focused on the gambling industry after the post-World War II. During that period, the condition of people in Japan was miserable, and Tetsuya, the main character, worked in the Mahjong parlor as a sweeper.

Soon, he noticed the game, and its benefits, so he jumped into it to make some cash using his gambling skills. In the game, he uses all the weapons to win the game, including cheating, and as per him, cheating is the best way to win the game, and it is considered a sin when you get caught. The anime truly showcases the mind game involved in gambling and the key strategy to frame to win gambling.

3) Akagi – A Master In Mahjong And True Gambling Genius

This anime unfolds every layer of gambling and shows drama, thriller, crime, and luck. The story begins with a character named Nangou, who is addicted to gambling. His desire to make more money resulted in him in heavy debt. Even in heavy debt, he never learned a lesson from life, and he further steps into the gambling zone.

One day, Nangou decided to stake everything, including life, to clear all the debt, so he decided to play against mafias, and he was about to lose the match, but as a savior, a boy named Shigeru Akagi arrived in the place and changed the entire scenario. Akagi luckily entered the place as he was looking for a spot to hide from the police. After entering the place, his luck supported him, and amazingly he won the game and helped Nangou to clear all his debt.

The anime was aired in 2005 and presented the amazing image of gambling, mafia dominance, and many more. Once you watch this anime, it will blow your mind because of its outstanding thriller elements.

4) Alice In Borderland – Most Gripping Gambling Anime

Alice in Borderland is the most hyped gambling anime, which dragged the attention of most people around the world, and even the leading OTT company, Netflix, released the series based on this anime. The story revolves around the Arisu Ryohei and his friends, who are bored with their life. But one incident took place in which they reached another region, or you can say a parallel dimension.

In the new place, i.e., Borderland, they were enjoying their life, but soon they realized that life is not so easy as they have to participate in gambling and other mini-games in order to survive, and any wrong move will result in death. The anime is full of suspense, crime, gambling mafias, brain-game, and unity among friends.

5) Kakegurui – Bet Your Life

Kakegurui anime is completely based on gambling where high-school pupils are involved. The school’s prime motto running gambling is to meet the future leader, and the pupils with gambling skills want to utilize this opportunity to make more money.

Additionally, the student who fails to reach the hierarchy level will have to serve the house. In the game, the twist comes after the arrival of Yumeko Jabami, a first-year school student who is a compulsive gambler. After the entry of Yumeko, the scenario completely changes. A tug-of-war arises between the school council and Yumeko, as the former doesn’t want the girl to win and will do anything to defeat her. On the contrary, the new girl retains ample hidden cards to defeat the council. Kakegurui anime has earned a good name. It was launched by Netflix in 2017, and within a short time, this series was highly applauded.


In the digital world, you will find many gambling anime, but the best one is considered who resembles the perfect plot of gambling in anime and the above-listed anime does the same. And if you want to try your luck like the one of the protagonists, check viva 9988 by Royal1688 casino.

The other popular gambling anime are Death Parade, Usogui, Saki, and others. So, you can watch them as per your desire and mood; the listed anime is outstanding and give a perfect picture of hidden gambling.

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