3 Ways to Approach Your Next Superhero Movie Binge

While discussions and debates rage on about whether the height of superhero movie popularity has passed or not, that doesn’t stop them from being produced. This means that, if you’re a fan of them yourself, you have even more material to work with for a prospective binge than ever before. However, is there too much choice? A straightforward binge across all genres, companies, and years would be completely impractical – so, you have some consideration to make regarding how you slice it.

This doesn’t just mean that you get to be creative in how you sculpt this experience, but it also means that you leave yourself the option to do the same again further down the road if you so choose.

Solo or Social

One of the main considerations that you must make regarding the binge is how you want to experience it. Do you prefer it as a background to a social event, or do you want your whole attention to be focused on what’s on-screen? In the case of the former, that opens the evening up to a more relaxed atmosphere, with drinks or takeaway food, if you feel so inclined. While that is also true if you decide to go solo, you might find that you have greater autonomy over the movies that get selected yourself, perhaps allowing yourself to cast a more critical eye over the content you watch.

Alternatively, if you do take the solo route, the movies could form a sort of background activity for a relaxing evening where you simply pay attention when you want to, scrolling through your phone or playing online casino games between bouts of focus. This might be preferable if you’re already familiar with the films.

Familiar or Novel

That’s another factor for you to think about here, and it might tie into the kind of atmosphere that you’re hoping to create. Are you more interested in watching movies here that you’ve never seen before? Or, are you just hoping to unwind with some of your old favorites? If it’s the latter, the way you structure the binge, and the films that you bunch together might help to shine them in a light that helps them to feel new. However, if you’re using this as an opportunity to comb through some you’ve yet to see, it’s worth scouting out the catalogue.

In Front or Behind the Camera

When it comes to movies, people have different reasons for being drawn towards them and part of these differences might come down to whether they’re more interested in what goes on behind the camera or in front of it. For example, are you more interested in the storylines and character arcs on display here? Or, would you rather bunch together films for your binge based on the talent behind them, or perhaps other factors that could lead them to be grouped? 

If you’re typically a part of one group, you could use this opportunity to do some research into the other, and you might find your interest expanding as you learn more about the overall art of making a superhero movie. 

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