10 Uncommon Baby Name Ideas Inspired by Popular Cartoon Characters

Superheroes, whether in comics, cartoons or both, are always known to do good to people and have good hearts. Many of them often have characteristics that are very relatable and also possess qualities that can help inspire people to do good.

Some of these characters have names that haven’t been heard of that often. These can be some uncommon baby name ideas depicting wisdom, courage, and strength.

This article contains ten such names for babies of popular cartoon characters who are superheroes. Some may also be characters you looked up to as a kid yourself!


If you’ve read the Avatar comics or watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, you’ll know of the little kid Aang, the last Avatar. He mastered the art of bending the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and the void, all of which are associated with the five senses and required persistence to learn and implement.

This unique name portrays a child who has been strong and unwithering in facing all challenges and betrayals and overcoming them all. Aang is, thus, one of those uncommon baby name ideas for your baby boy, which also has a great background.


Raya and the Last Dragon is a very inspiring story for children, primarily due to the three inspiring characters: Raya, her father, Chief Benja, and Sisu, who’s the last dragon of Kumadra. If you’re looking for names inspired by dragons for your baby, Sisu should be at the top.

Sisu, a bubbly and loving dragon, is a strong-willed and witty character. She has a never-give-up attitude, considerable powers, and charges headfirst even when she gets scared easily. Giving your baby the name of such an inspiring character can also inspire your kid as she grows older.


Korra, the descendant of the last Airbender, Avatar Aang, portrays a strong female character who beats all odds and perfects the art of air bending. At a very young age, she also defeats treacherous people in various battles on land and sea and also faces blood benders but refuses to accept defeat.

Naming your baby daughter Korra can be a great idea, as this character shows courage to fight through any situation and care for her ancestors and her ancestry.

Hiro Hamada

Big Hero 6 is one of those movies that has touched the hearts of many, mainly due to a younger brother’s attempt to fulfill his big brother’s dream project and banish evil. Hiro Hamada, the adolescent brother, and the main character, brings his big brother’s project to life: Baymax.

The name Hiro Hamara, or just Hiro, can be a unique selection for your son. The character is associated with strong will, persistence, curiosity, and unwithering courage, which is why it’s one of the best movies for kids to watch.


In ancient China, women couldn’t join wars and were expected to take care of their houses. It was a norm for all men to participate in warfare. However, Hua Mulan, the main character of Mulan, didn’t want her father to join the war because of his age, so instead, she volunteered to fill her father’s place. She cut her hair and dressed and behaved like men on the battlefield.

Mulan is an inspiration and a hero because, even after knowing that being a woman amidst all men can be dangerous, she decided to fight against the stereotypes. Such a story makes Mulan the perfect name for baby girls.


Merida, the main character from the movie Brave and an independent girl, is also considered a superhero. Incredibly skilled at racing, sword-fighting, and archery, she’s one of the most skilled archers in her kingdom. Although she brought trouble to her kingdom, she also solved it.

Merida believes that she can write her own fate without sacrificing her integrity and values, so she refuses to abide by the ‘lady-like’ rules her mother urges her to follow. She also proves that she can fight like men. If you want your daughter to be as brave as Merida, this name is a great choice.


Fans of the original Ghostbusters cartoon series will recognise Dr. Egon Spengler, the scientific genius of the Ghostbusters group. Although Dr. Peter Venkman always made decisions on which case to take, Egon is considered the hero since he always came up with genius plans. He is also the only one who always comes up with the perfect solutions when the team loses all hope of combating a ghost.

Naming your baby boy Egon after Dr. Egon Spengler can be perfect. Make sure to tell him the inspirational story that made you choose this uncommon name.

Luke Skywalker

While Luke is a popular name, it’s still a unique name for baby boys, partly due to the Star Wars comic protagonist Luke Skywalker. Luke is a man with a good heart and good morals who loves his friends and is always looking for opportunities to save the day.

The character’s wish to do good, be good, and be there for his loved ones and other people is an inspiration, making Luke the perfect name for your baby.


Archibald Andrews, more well-known as Archie, isn’t exactly a superhero. However, he was the first relatable character for teenagers when comics about superheroes were popular. He had a good heart, although he used to boast a lot sometimes, and was always there for his friends.

His courageous stories ahead as he grew up made many fans wish there were movies made in the comics to show Archie’s bravery. Whether Archibald or Archie, both names sound quite unique for baby boys.

Judith Laverne

People who have watched Zootopia couldn’t help but fall in love with the protagonist of the film Judith Laverne, or Judy Hopps. She had the perfect vision of Zootopia, a place where everyone gets along, whether a herbivore or a carnivore, but soon realizes that reality is much more complicated.

Being a small animal, she sets off on the mission of finding her perfect path in life. But she soon meets with danger and bravely sets off on the mission to uncover the truth, and she does! This makes Judith, Judy, or Laverne, great names for your baby girl, as the character symbolizes bravery, innocence, and bubbliness in the movie.


Whether you talk about the comics Avatar, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters, or the cartoons Zootopia, Brave, and Big Hero 6, you can find unique names among many superhero characters. They don’t necessarily have to possess superpowers; being good people, having skills, and doing good can also be an inspiration for parents to choose such names.

We hope you find the perfect name from this list of uncommon baby name ideas inspired by cartoon characters, and let your kids know who inspired their names.

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