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The Past Is Yet To Come In “White Savior”

white saviour

Isekai lovers, eyes here! Looking for a new comic to add to your ever-growing reading list? This is your sign to check out White Savior by Eric Nguyen and Scott BurmanWhite Savior is a comedic masterpiece that revolves around accidental time travel. An ‘accident’ that just so happens to leave the protagonist with a huge responsibility. One that they certainly never signed up for! Nguyen’s art style is unique, vibrant, and sketchy. It’s appealing; especially as it’s completely different from the highly-detailed backdrops. However, its sketchiness can often blur out facial expressions, causing confusion at times.

The story centers around our main boy, Todd Parker. He is an Asian film teacher who has been living the American life for as long as he can remember. He’s responsible for watching over his grandfather who tells him stories to pass the time. To be specific, he loves repeating the same tale over and over again: ‘The Tale of the White Savior of the Inoki’. The story goes like this. Way back, the Japanese people of Inoki believed in a prophesized ‘white savior’ named Nathan Garin. According to them, the snow-skinned man was the key to winning over the hellish Akuno clan. The prophecy warned that he might be aggressive and strange. Thus, nobody dared question him and his ways. This eventually led to a backlash in the midst of a battle. After they struck Nathan dead, the Akuno clan slaughtered the entire village and took over.

Tired of listening to the same story; Todd decides to go out with his friend Neal for dinner. On the way, he spots several men mugging a woman and jumps right into action to save her – only to find out that she is one of the muggers too! Neal breaks into a laughing fit at Todd’s story of misfortune over coffee. But just as they are talking about her, Todd sees the same woman serving as a waitress in the cafe. The scene quickly shifts to a chase between her and Todd. But when they take a sudden turn to an alley, Todd finds himself falling balls first in the middle of a battle…between the Inoki and Akuma clan? Why is Nathan Garin drunk? I’ll leave the rest for you to explore!

Plot-wise, there’s a lot to look forward to in White Savior. I initially thought this would be a serious adventure-type comic. That’s why I was a bit skeptical of how cliché the start is. But then a few pages later, amusement easily replaced my doubt. This comic is actually hilarious—no exaggeration! Nguyen and Burman use puns and throw in random scientific lines. They even add their own commentary whenever they feel like it. My personal favorite is when a random soldier shouts “My metacarpals!” when someone cuts their fingers off! The best part? The story never gets lost in all the punchlines. There’s progress in every panel, leaving you yearning for more. White Savior is, without a doubt, a fantastic read if you want an adventure comic with a good laugh on the side.

Oh, and one more thing! The whole White Savior team is talkative. So, if you love reading author’s notes like me, then better pick up a copy now!

Ready to travel back in time? Or do you just want to have a good time? If yes, then grab a copy of White Savior Volume 1 and 2 now via Dark Horse Comics. Let us know your thoughts and favorite scenes in the comments down below or mention us over on Twitter!

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