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Challenging The Past For A Brighter Future In “Bro-D Can’t Be Broken”

bro-d can't be broken

Bro-D Can’t be Broken  both written and illustrated by Ben Humeniuk – takes place at the end of the 21st century. Humanity bands together against the many disasters that befall it. Unfortunately, this stirs the wrath of ancient gods who wish to keep humankind in check. This is where Brody and his partner M-Ander come in. A soldier of the gods attacks the capital of the new world, and Brody has to stop him. It’s a fairly simple tale; straightforward and very easy to read. Clearly, a lot of work has gone into this. But when it boils down to it, this is a cut-and-dry superhero story. Which is refreshing in the face of so much complexity in comics these days!

The art style is clean-cut, with crisp linework, cross-hatching and color. Sometimes, the faces appear distorted. Only one person worked on this though, so that can be excused. The slightly rough look of the art gives it character as well. The chosen colors complement each other, lending the art a warm tone. It has that popping effect that really makes comic book art stand out. Bro-D Can’t be Broken also gives each character very expressive facial features. Their eyes convey a lot of subtle emotion. This style works well on the whole.

Some of the principal struggles of the story arise from the lack of detail about the environment. It’s a graphic novella, so it makes sense that not a lot of background information gets fleshed out. However, knowing more about the world itself and the new society that humanity formed might be very interesting to explore. Perhaps future stories set in this world can expand on that. Another aspect I want to know more about is the B.R.O. Squadron.

By the end of the novella, I still don’t even know what B.R.O stands for! Brody, codename Bro-D, is not the only member of the superhero team to show up. But he and M-Ander are the solo focus of the story. Ultimately, this is a good thing, since too many characters would bog down the details. However, I can’t help but find myself wondering about the rest of the squadron and the kind of people they are. This too might be better for a future publication to tackle.

Bro-D Can’t be Broken may be a simple story. But it’s a powerful one. Its characters must tackle insurmountable odds. Not just in order to survive! But also, to forge a better tomorrow. Although violent like most other superhero stories, this graphic novella has a gentle message. Brody and M-Ander’s attachment to each other extends beyond a coworker relationship. Through them, this comic teaches its readers that love is not a weakness. Love makes you strong enough to protect the people you care about – as both protagonists of this story demonstrate. Having the courage to stand up for others in the face of tragedy and loss is what makes someone a hero. Brody may be unbreakable. But his spirit, rather than his abilities, proves this.

Are you into the plucky superhero and the simplicity of classic comic books? Looking for a shiny new hero to add into your collection of idols? Bro-D Can’t be Broken is now available on Forbidden Planet. Talk to us on Twitter and Instagram and let us know all other superhero comics you’re into these days!

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