PodCapers Ep. 221: Barbie Review with Alex Mirabal (Full Spoilers)

I mean, did YOU ever think we’d get here? Did you ever contemplate the idea of a Barbie summer blockbuster? More to the point, did you think we’d ever review it? Well, here we are! This is the world we live in now. Scott is joined by Alex Mirabal to talk about the new Barbie movie and face the fact that it’s…good? This really is the weirdest timeline.

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


The Hollywood Strikes – 00:30 – 08:30

News – 08:30 – 25:12

Meta, Barbieland, and How Girls Play – 30:00

Intersectionality, Patriarchy, and Final Thoughts – 1:00:00

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