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3 Unforgettable Sports Comics Worth Revisiting

If you’re a regular visitor to our site, you’ll know how much we love comics, particularly superheroes. You’ve landed in the right place if you’re a new visitor who shares our passion for both. We love the big names, like Batman and Superman, and you’ll find some interesting articles covering the most famous characters. But we don’t stick to the blockbusters. Our pages also cover the weird and wonderful. The newest superheroes and villains or names from your youth you almost forgot existed. If superheroes are your thing, we’ve got you covered.

Trawl our pages and discover new comics, allowing yourself to meet and be swept away by fresh characters and adventures. Casual fans of comics believe the best characters have already been created and are now mainstream, but that’s not strictly true. The comic book industry is enjoying a fresh new dawn as talented writers and illustrators prove this business still has plenty to offer. And we’ll always keep you up to date.

In this article, we approach comics from a slightly different angle. What are the best sports-themed reads? Do you remember a sports comic from your youth, a story that took you on an adventure as the underdog shocked the world by winning a major competition? It’s a story of good vs. evil through sport and the underdog triumphing against all the odds. Sports fans who enjoy placing Vegas bets online see real-life sporting upsets every weekend, but who doesn’t prefer a story playing out in a beautiful glossy comic?

What to expect

We know and love superhero comics. That’s our staple diet, our bread and butter. But we’re always eager to freshen things up for our readers. We browse the archives and latest releases to bring you fascinating articles on characters, comics, and stories you may have forgotten. The most recent search brought us to sports; we’re delighted it did. It’s an area we last covered a while ago.

Remember Roy of the Rovers, the British comic strip about the talented soccer player and manager named Roy Race? We’ve captured your attention just in time if that name is new. You can’t allow another day to pass without enjoying the adventures of one of the UK’s sporting greats. Roy is to sports fans in the UK what Rocky Balboa means to Americans.

Keep reading as we introduce you to or remind you of some classic sports-themed comics. We aimed to cover the greats and a few names lost to time. Laying at the back of the archives covered in dust, we love nothing more than breathing new life into forgotten comic book legends. 

You may even find a new sports favorite worth sharing with your children or loved ones.

Roy of the Rovers

The flag carrier of sports comics is the British legend Roy of the Rovers, and it’s still going today, albeit in a digital format. Created by Frank S. Pepper and released in 1954, Roy of the Rovers tells the tale of Roy Race, a fictional soccer player for Melchester Rovers. 

The weekly comic followed Roy’s on-field heroics until 1993 when the British sporting icon lost his gifted left foot in a tragic helicopter crash. A generation of comic readers rate Roy Race ahead of stars like David Beckham and Steven Gerrard. 

Publishers attempted to breathe new life into the story when introducing Roy’s son Rocky, who also played in the colors of Melchester. Still, it didn’t enjoy the same level of success. Rocky’s adventures failed to hit the same heights as his father, and the comic folded after just 19 issues.

Bull on Parade

Written and created by Wilfried Santiago and published by Fantagraphics, Bull on Parade is another classic from the history books. The story based on the life and times of Michael Jordan, best known for his on-court heroics in the colors of the Chicago Bulls. Jordan’s story is exciting and unpredictable, but that didn’t stop the creators of Bull on Parade from adding a bit more glitz and glamor.

The writing is engaging, telling the tale of Jordan’s skills and the top players he shared a court with during his career. But the comic isn’t just about basketball. The pages also cover Jordan’s troubles that plagued his career, including infidelity and long bouts of depression. 

Bull on Parade is a great way to learn more about Air Jordan’s life in and out of basketball. Younger readers can discover the incredible story of Jordan and how he changed the sport of basketball to become the NBA’s most famous player. Jordan set records and standards that remain unbroken today.

Kill A Man

Al Morgan illustrated Jim Campbell’s comic, and it ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a thrilling sports comic with relatable characters and unforgettable storylines. The pages will drag you on an emotional rollercoaster as you learn of the young character’s journey from seeing his father die in the ring to training in mixed martial arts and chasing his dream. You’ll wonder how you went so long without Kill A Man in your collection of sports comics.

A dead father and an MMA career weren’t enough for the creators of Kill A Man. The lead character was outed as homosexual during his teenage years, leading to him being shunned by his community. Yes, despite the whole dead dad thing. Times were different when Kill A Man was in circulation, and it’s important to remember that when reading the comic for the first time.

In a cruel twist of fate, the fatherless outcast found the only man to help him find peace and succeed in the prizefighting arena. Who could that be in such trying times? Well, it was the same man who killed his father in the ring all those years ago. Who else?

Further reading

We hope you found our article on these three sports-themed comics exciting and encourage you to learn more. Roy of the Rovers continues at his website and app, where you can follow the story and purchase official merchandise.

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