Comet: How A Horse With Magical Powers Made Its Way Into DC Comics

Comics have always been a kaleidoscope of creativity, blending reality with the surreal, the mundane with the extraordinary. In the vast universe of DC Comics, characters with superhuman abilities have soared through the skies, but one particular character stands out, not for their alien origins or radioactive accidents, but for their equine form and mystical prowess – Comet, the Superhorse.

Comet is the ultimate horse in DC comics. If Comet was real, this horse would be a major contender in all  TwinSpires horse racing picks list due to its impressive abilities and speed.

But Comet is stuck in the life of comics, which is not a bad life since he has Supergirl on his side.

Who’s Comet Anyway?

Comet is a majestic white horse, noble in stature and graceful in every step, but with a twist – this horse doesn’t just gallop through the plains; it also soars through the cosmos. Imagine the sheer absurdity and charm of a horse with superpowers. That’s Comet for you.

The Origin Story

Comet’s journey into the DC Comics realm began in the Silver Age of comics, back in the 1960s. Initially portrayed as an ordinary horse named Biron, this equine protagonist had a chance encounter with a mysterious comet hurtling through space. 

So, what is a Silver Age of comics you ask?

The Silver Age of Comic Books was a time of creative progress and broad financial success in mainstream American comic books, particularly those incorporating the superhero archetype.

During the Silver Age of Comics, Comet first appeared in the tale “The Legion of Super-Traitors!” in Adventure Comics #293 (February 1962). The Legion of Extraordinary was introduced in this narrative, bringing together numerous previously existing extraordinary animals. 

Krypto the Super-Dog appeared in Superman’s past, Streaky the Supercat and Beppo the Super-Monkey appeared in Superman’s present, and Comet appeared as a super-pet from the future.

Now, what would any horse do if it met a comet? Of course, it would try to save it! In the process, Biron was granted incredible powers and transformed into the interstellar hero, Comet.

Powers Galore

So, what makes Comet more than just your average four-legged friend? Well, this horse had it all. Flight? Check. Super strength? Check. Telepathy and shape-shifting abilities? Double check! Talk about a versatile hero, right?

He appears to have Jupiter’s force, Athena’s wisdom, Mercury’s speed, and Neptune’s psychic skills as a result of the elixir Circe gave him. He is unharmed by Kryptonite and red suns since he is not from Krypton. In addition, every time a comet travels across his solar system, he transforms into a man. He is once again a centaur for a limited length of time.

The ultimate companion for every superhero, I would say.

It is always great to see how the superpowers of heroes from comics apply to animals, and it is not a new thing. We’ve seen many cases where comics introduced an animal with superpowers.

A Love Story Like No Other

As if being a super-powered horse wasn’t intriguing enough, Comet’s story took an unexpected turn. Picture this – a love story between a horse-turned-superhero and a human. 

Comet fell head over hooves for none other than Supergirl herself! Yes, you heard that right. Now that’s a romance that definitely raises a few eyebrows.

Adventures in the DC Universe

Throughout the years, Comet trotted through various storylines, contributing his powers and unique charm to the DC Universe. From battling villains alongside Supergirl to venturing into the magical realms, this equine hero left hoofprints in the annals of comic book history.

Comet might not be the most prominent character in the DC pantheon, but his whimsical presence continues to captivate fans. With each appearance, Comet reminds us that heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and species.

Final Words

In a universe populated by gods, aliens, and technological wonders, Comet’s presence adds a dash of whimsy and unpredictability. A horse with cosmic powers might seem far-fetched, yet therein lies the beauty of comic book storytelling – the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and make us believe in the impossible.

It is always fun when creators decide to give heroes pets, especially when they have powers just like Comet. Even though his appearance could have been more spectacular, it is still great to see a horse wearing a cape. We all know how tough Supergirl from DC is, but combine her with Comet, and you have the ultimate combo that nobody wants to stand up against.

Comet might not be a flagship character, but in his own unique way, he’s a testament to the boundless imagination that fuels the world of comics. 

After all, who would have thought a horse with incredible superpowers would have such a cosmic impact in the DC Universe?

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