Hugh Jackman’s Best Wolverine Moments Part 3: Top 5 Character Moments

Because it’s so hard to pick only five or even ten moments that really capture Hugh Jackman‘s performance as Wolverine, and because there are five films to choose clips from, DavidRobScott, and Chris all got together and decided to do a Top 15 list broken into three sections. In Part 1, we looked at Wolverine’s  Top 5 Most Utterly Badass Moments and in Part 2 we fought through his Top 5 Action Moments.

But what about Wolverine as a character? What sets him apart from other superheroes, or even action heroes? He is a complex and many-layered personality that has grown and evolved on screen over the last 13 years, not to mention all the other comics and TV shows. So today, we take a look at those true Wolverine moments, the ones that show us who he is in that meaty layer under the skin and above the adamantium.

So, in chronological order…


5. The Claws Come Out, X-Men



After a hard day of cage fighting, we all want to just sit back and enjoy a quiet beer in some Canadian dive. Then some ornery locals pick a fight and you have to unsheathe your claws. Then the barman pulls a shotgun on you. *sigh*

This scene from the original X-Men was our first encounter with the MCU’s most ferocious berserker and that oh-so-satisfying snikt! We’ve come a long way from there since then and still have a way to go. But this scene demonstrated that the Wolverine we were going to see on screen wasn’t going to pull any punches or claws. As far as introducing us to the character, here we start to get a glimpse at the tortured soul beneath the surface, but also Logan’s very, very short temper.

– Rob


4. Wolverine Stabs Rogue, X-Men



Now we have all had horrible nightmares at one point in our lives, (I hate you most of all Monstroso) but Logan’s nightmares are truly one of a kind. His flashbacks to becoming Weapon X are terrifying in and of itself, but the stabbing of Rogue makes it so much worse. Not because he stabbed her but rather because the whole Rogue’s power suck touch gives me more nightmares. Really veiny too, I am glad they toned that down in later films.

This scene is one of the most memorable when thinking of Wolverine’s character, because it’s our first glimpse behind the curtain, where we finally see why he’s so troubled. It also helps show how protective he is of Rogue. His first instinct is to help her, and he willingly pays the high cost for it.

– Scott

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