Top 8 Worst Superhero Costumes featuring Edna Mode

3. Powergirl

My God, is DC run by adolescent boys with no social skills? It’s a bit more practical than the last one, but it is still an affront to my eyes! Where to begin? There is of course, perhaps the most obvious flaw, which we shall call, for want of a better word, the “cleavage hole”. Again, unless it’s purpose is to distract the enemy, there is no point to it! And the lowah half. FEH! You look like you belong in an explicit workout video dahling.

And what is that on your shoulder? I don’t know what that is. It looks like something that would be used to pull open a curtain in a theatre! And then there is the other matter. A small problem, not really important, more of an afterthought really, just the fact that– NO CAPES! How many times must I reiterate this. No… CAPES! They should be banned! TABOO! OUTLAWED!


2. Supergirl

Mmmmm-hmmmm. I suppose I should no longah be surprised. Clearly this is pah for the course with DC. Wait… didn’t we just look at this girl? Are they the same person? Meh. Who cares? So, where to begin? The boots. Nice cut, stylish. Elegant. Yet UTTERLY USELESS! How can you run in that kind of heel? YOU CAN’T! Just because you can fly is no excuse. I won’t allow it! Then there is the belly shirt. Frankly I’m surprised she bothahed. I half expected her to just wear a brassiere with an “S” on each cup and call it a day. Then the skirt. There is a time and a place to weah a skirt. And that is NOT when you are flying over people who can see both London and France!

And the cape. Why? Why this obsession with capes?!? Need I remind you of Thunderhead? Stratogale? Dyna-Guy? Meta Man? Splashdown? And that super-villain. What was his name? Goofy hair? Also had a big “S” Oh, who cares. My point is, say it with me now, NO CAPES!


1. Batman/Robin

Oh, the humanity. Very well, dahlings. Once more unto the breach. First, you! Boy Wonder! The only “wonder” I see is how you manage to go into battle every day and not die slowly and painfully! There are several major arteries located in the thighs, as well as other important parts like hamstrings and such. It is generally considered good form to keep such parts COVERED UP! If you confront a knife wielding manic in an alley, that is the first place he’s going to go! And besides, hot pants went out with the Batusi dahling.

And now for you, Caped Crusader! The utility belt. Lose it! I understand that you need a lot of gadgets in your line of work, so pick a few that are absolutely necessary and drop the rest! You do not need bat-shark repellent weighing you down in a fight! Especially if you’re miles from watah! And why yellow? The grey and black works for stealth, but yellow does not! And I’m sure I don’t need to bring up the infamous Bat-Nipples. And lastly. For the final time. The most heinous of all crimes. The most imbecilic of ideas. The most hobo of all fashion choices for a super……. NO….. CAAAAAPES! No capes! No capes! No capes! FEH! Have you all got that? No capes!


Wait. What is this? A conclusion of some sort? Very well, dahling. Do you agree with my decisions? Of course you do. Why wouldn’t you? So go to the comments and list in explicit detail just how right I am! Oh, and on Twitter. Whatever. I have a show in Paris to get to. Goodbye, dahlings. Look out for me in The Incredibles 2. I’ll be the one looking gorgeous and stealing all the attention. Ha ha. Just teasing. Not really, I always look fabulous. It’s a gift.


Hello? Is she gone? Is it over? Good. God, she’s strong for a short person. Blimey. Okay, I guess this article’s over. Everyone go home or whatever. Geez.

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  • This is amazing!! I can hear everything in Edna’s voice haha, you’ve written her spot on. Best article i’ve read on superheroes!