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Top 6 Casting Choices For Deadpool

So as most of you who haven’t been living underground in the Kingdom of the Mole People lately know, AP2HYC went to the LFCC. And let me tell you, never before have I seen such an awesome cornucopia of geekdom! Oh, the comics! Oh, the video games! Oh, the marginally overpriced merchandise! OH HEAVENLY ZEUS THE COSPLAY!!!

Actually, I noticed something about the cosplay. An awful lot of people were dressed as Deadpool. And it got me wondering. With a Deadpool movie looking more and more likely and with rumours of Ryan Reynolds not reprising his role (try saying THAT five times fast) as the merc with the mouth, I thought to myself: “Scott old chap, you should buy that pair of steam punk goggles! That’ll make your parents seriously consider writing you out of their will!”. And then after I thought: “Oh, and I should probably do a casting article for Deadpool too.”. So here’s my top 6 choices for Deadpool.


DISCLAIMER! Okay, seriously, I’m running out of funny ways to say that the list is my own opinion. There’s only so many ways I can say it! I’m not a miracle worker! Do you want me to do it in mime? Would that even work? This is a written article! I can’t do it! I CAAAAN’T DOOOO IIIIIIIIIITTT!!! *Sobs uncontrollably*


6. Seann William Scott


HEAR ME OUT! Just… hear me out. Yeah, Seann William Scott isn’t the best comedic actor out there. And yes, many of his films are of a questionable quality. And yes, his most successful roles are that of an animated possum and Steve Stifler from American Pie. But let’s face it, there are very few actors that have been in both comedy and action roles that aren’t called Schwarzenegger, Stallone or Chan. And he has been in at least two films that were a mix of comedy and action. Granted, those films were Evolution and Bulletproof Monk, but still! He might work. He might! I feel that if he had a good script and a competent director, he could be pretty damn good. We just have to forget Southland Tales ever existed. Seriously, did anyone understand what was going on in that film? Regardless, he has a shot, right?


5. Tahmoh Penikett


Tahmoh is one of those actors that keeps popping up in things you watch. You know the kind I mean. You’re just sitting there, watching your TV show and suddenly, hey presto, Tahmoh Penikett! He’s been in Dollhouse, Dark Angel, Stargate SG-1, Smallville, Battlestar Galatica, Human Target, Haven, Castle, Continuum, Supernatural, Arrow, Man of Steel and even Mortal Kombat: Legacy. He’s actually quite prolific as well as talented. So why don’t I hear people saying: “Hey, have you seen this Tahmoh Penikett guy?”? Dunno. I imagine most people have more important things to talk about. But could he play Deadpool? Maybe. Truth is he’s not put in the centre of the stage very often. But, hey, maybe this could change all of that. He could play the role, right?


4. Bradley Cooper


Now here’s a guy who’s used to the spotlight! Bradley Cooper is no stranger to comedy, having starred in The Hangover films, Silver Linings Playbook and Valentines Day (Or as I like to call it: “We Want To Be Love Actually So Bad It Hurts!”). He’s also dabbled in action films, such as Limitless, The A-Team and Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. Mind you, he’s an anthropomorphic raccoon in that film so maybe it doesn’t count. And before you say anything, the Deadpool movie will apparently NOT be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so he’s allowed to play Deadpool, okay? Plus, he’s used to playing characters with some kind of deformity, having played the titular role in a 2012 revival of the play: “The Elephant Man”. Sooooo… he could work, right?

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