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Top 10 Fictional Spaceships

6. SSV Normandy SR1 (Mass Effect)


I don’t know about you, but I cannot WAIT for Mass Effect 4! IwantitIwantitIwantitIwantitIwantitIwantit! The only thing that keeps me from going mad was replaying the old Mass Effect games (I can’t believe that they can now be classified as “old”!). And I remembered how attached I’d become to the Normandy. I liked the SR2, sure. But there was something about the original Normandy. It felt nice to get back on board after a mission, chat with Joker, check up on Liara and Kaiden, go down to the lower decks to sell my junk to the requisition officer, and completely ignore Ashley because she was an angry, alien hating, poetry spouting, pillock who I was quite happy to send to her death.

That was the great thing about the Normandy, it wasn’t just a top of the line, prototype, stealth frigate. It was MY top of the line, prototype, stealth frigate. It was a home. A place to hang my hat. Full of friends and comrades and… Ashley. And when it got blown up at the beginning of Mass Effect 2, a part of my heart died with it. Okay, this is getting too melodramatic. What’s next on the list?


5. Thunderbird 3 (Thunderbirds)


OH HELL YEAH! THUNDERBIRDS ARE BLOODY GO! You know what the great thing about Thunderbirds was? It had a kind of universality to it. My Dad grew up watching it in the 60’s, and I grew up watching it in the 90’s! Doesn’t matter when you were born, or who you are, who doesn’t love Thunderbirds? That is to say, the original series not the 2004 film version directed by Riker off of Star Trek: The Next Generation who completely missed the point to the show, made Alan a teenager, gave Brains a son (Seriously, who’d have sex with BRAINS?), redesigned the Thunderbird vehicles, didn’t consult Gerry Anderson, and earned himself a space on my hit list. YOUR TIME WILL COME FRAKES! I WILL HAVE VENGEANCE!

Anyway, piloted by Alan Tracy, Thunderbird 3 was International Rescue’s single stage to orbit space vehicle designed for rescue missions in space and maintaining the systems and crew of Thunderbird 5, their space station. Despite only appearing eleven times, three of which to rescue somebody, it’s still just as recognisable and beloved as the rest of the Thunderbirds.


4. Serenity (Firefly)


Man, do I even need to tell you how awesome this ship is? Or this show for that matter? It’s bloody, rutting, cheong bao ho tze, tai kong suo you di xing qui dou sai jin wo de pi gu FIREFLY! For the characters of Firefly, Serenity is a source of income, a home, and a way of achieving freedom. Originally no longer flight worthy when Mal Reynolds purchased her after losing the War of Independence at Serenity Valley, the ship was something of a fixer upper. But with a lot of love and hard work, the crew managed to get her flying.

One of the surprising things about Serenity is that, despite having a crew of criminals on board, she has no weapons. So the crew have to get by on their wits and skill. Able to hold a maximum of 23 people, as well as a maximum cargo of 74,797 kilograms, Serenity is a smugglers dream, with many nooks and crannies for illicit contraband. What else can you say about this ship, except… ♫ I don’t care, I’m still free. You can’t take the sky from meeeeee! ♫

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