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Top 10 Fictional Spaceships

3. The Tardis (Doctor Who)


YES, IT COUNTS! Sure, the Tardis is a time machine, but it also functions as a spaceship. Remember, it’s Time And Relative Dimensions In SPACE! It can travel in both time and space so shut up! Also known as a Type 40 time machine, the Tardis was originally an outdated machine that was in a museum, until a Time Lord called the Doctor stole it. The Tardis has many features, most notably the fact that it appears as an old police box. This is because Tardis’s have a mechanism known as a chameleon circuit, which allows the exterior of it to appear as anything, making it blend into its surroundings. So when the Tardis landed in 20th century England and the chameleon circuit broke, it remained stuck as a police box.

And let’s not forget that it’s bigger on the inside! Due to some dimensional… wibbly wobbly, timey wimey… stuff, the interior of the Tardis is huge. I’m not sure anybody knows exactly how big. There’s space for a library, a swimming pool, a fabulous walk in wardrobe… you get the idea. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it’s alive? Yeah, the Tardis is technically organic and sentient! And it’s a she. I’ll just let you think about that for a moment.


2. USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Star Trek)


“Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before.”. Yep, we couldn’t do an article about Spaceships without including this one! One of the most iconic images is Science Fiction, everybody knows the Enterprise. Even if they aren’t that familiar with Star Trek to begin with! Captained by James T. “KHAAAAAAAN” Kirk, the Enterprise was originally on a five year mission of deep space exploration, providing first contact with many alien races.

Other crew members include Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, Vulcan Science Officer Mr. “Bilbo Baggins” Spock, Communications Officer “Fan Dance” Uhura, Helmsman Hiraku “Ohhhhhh Myyyyyy” Sulu, Navigator Pavel “Nuclear Wessels” Chekov, and an untold number of dead or soon to be dead Redshirts. Seriously, if you’re on that ship, are not an officer, and are wearing red, your arse is grass!


1. Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)


IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! Oh the majesty! Oh the elegance! Oh the marketability of it all! Yeah, let’s face it, if you could fly any ship on this list, you’d pick this baby, wouldn’t you? Admit it! A YT-1300 light freighter with a past more chequered than a chess board, the Millennium Falcon holds the distinction of completing the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. And I know that you’re thinking. “Isn’t a parsec a unit of distance, not time?”. To answer your question: *SLAP*! NEVER QUESTION THE INTEGRITY OF THE MILLENNIUM FALCON AGAIN!

Piloted by intrepid smuggler Han Solo and his first mate Chewbacca the Wookie, the Falcon has been from one side of the galaxy to the other. It was present at the destruction of the Death Star, both at the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Endor, narrowly escaped the Imperial invasion of Hoth, and was successfully flown through an asteroid field. Holy Force Ghosts! I guess Solo said it best: “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.”.


But what do YOU think of these ships? Were they a Cornucopia of Cinematic Craftmanship or a Gaggle of Gargantuan…. alliteration is hard. Anyway, let us know in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter! Meanwhile, I’m going to send another round of hate mail to Disney. “Dear Money Grubbing Whores…”

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