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The 12 Days of Deadpool

There’s nothing like getting us in the holiday spirit than watching new clips from the Deadpool movie. The film is set to hit cinema screens early next year, and over the last few months Fox and star Ryan Reynolds have been releasing hilarious videos and pictures leading to the film’s release. The viral marketing for the film has been some of the best and funniest I have ever seen for a film and it looks set to continue.

Fox recently announced that a brand spanking new trailer featuring everyone’s favourite Merc with a Mouth is set to be released on Christmas day, which has got fans, including myself excited. Leading up to the trailer, it has been revealed that Fox has now set up a 12 Days of Deadpool style of marketing, which will feature brand new snippets from the film up until the twelfth day which is when the trailer is released.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Wade Wilson’s alter-ego in the hilarious new promo, which introduces the new festive countdown, which brilliantly opens with “Hi, I’m Deadpool, the other jolly guy in a red suit, with a lap worth sitting on”. The clip can be viewed below.

So we can expect twelve new Deadpool related teasers over the next twelve days. Fox will release links to new sites each day, allowing you to view the content.

Everything Fox has released for the film so far looks extremely promising and hilarious. At one point though, it looked as if we may never have actually got a Deadpool movie, as it was in developmental hell for years. Luckily it finally got the green light, and it looks to be one of the most fun and unique comic films to date.

If it’s as good as it looks, then star Reynolds will have redeemed himself after starring in such flops as Green Lantern and R.I.P.D. I won’t blame Reynolds for Wade Wilson/Deadpool in Wolverine Origins though.

Fox look to have given the star and the writing team full reigns in producing a film that stays true to the comic character. This is often rare for such a big film to be allowed to go all out in an attempt to stay true to the source material, but it was necessary in correctly portraying the loud mouthed antihero.

As mentioned previously, this marketing for this film has been superb. From re-enacting famous pictures, to starring in hilarious adverts. The marketing team behind the movie have done a great job in getting us fans excited to see the characters first starring role in a full length feature film.


Starring Ryan Reynolds, T.J Miller and Morena Baccarian, Deadpool is set to hit screens in February 2016. It looks to be setting the bench rather high in standards for comic book films and it looks like the other films look to have to play catch up.

Are you as excited to watch Deadpool as we are? Will you be counting down to Christmas with the Merc With a Mouth? As always we’d like to hear from you in the comments or on Twitter!

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