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Top 6 Moments From The X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

So we finally got our first look at the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, and what a trailer it was! There’s a lot to digest after watching the 2-minute 30-second trailer. There are new faces, the return of beloved characters, and a lot of destruction. Released only weeks after the Civil War and Dawn of Justice trailers, the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer has once again got us all excited for the upcoming year.

This time around, super villain Apocalypse is set to battle the X-Men in what looks to be their toughest challenge yet. Villains unite in what is set to be the third in the explosive line-up of X-Men prequels.

Here we look at the 6 best moments from the new trailer:


6. Quicksilver


Although only featured briefly in the trailer, it looks as if Quicksilver will be stealing scenes again. Evan Peters‘ Quicksilver was the surprising highlight of the previous film, X-Men: Days of Future Past. In this trailer, it looks as though director Bryan Singer and his team have pushed the boat out again in making the super-fast hero the stand-out element of the film again.


5. Return of Magneto


Michael Fassbender’s Magneto has been a fan-favourite since he first appeared in X-Men: First Class. In the trailer, it looks as if the character is finally embracing his villainous side as he joins forces, either willingly or not, with Apocalypse.

The last we saw of Magneto, he had been arrested following the events of Days of Future Past. I think it’s safe to say his friendship with Xavier is over judging by the events in the trailer. But what influence does Apocalypse hold over him?


4. First Look at Familiar Faces


The trailer showcased some familiar faces. Set in the 80s, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Nightcrawler, and other mutants are fresh faced teenagers. We also FINALLY get Jubilee, a character who has long deserved to feature in the film series. Although they are younger, the future heroes are all still fully capable of defending themselves. Scott at one point unleashes the beams from his eyes, embracing his powers after a little heart-to-heart with Mystique. The trailer also features Jean as she has visions of the future and exclaims that she “could feel all this death”.

The trailer is also our first look at Ben Hardy as Archangel. The character last appeared onscreen in the third X-Men film, played by Ben Foster.

It seems that he and a young Storm have teamed up with Apocalypse; how will they break away from his influence?

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