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PRESS RELEASE: Last Driver On Kickstarter

Last Driver is live on Kickstarter!

Coming Soon: Last Driver!

In a world riddled with death, despair and giant creatures hell bent on eating everyone, one man does his best not to let the apocalypse get him down! Meet Frank Sudden, a no nonsense thrill seeker who’s just trying to enjoy life…despite the end of the world. So make sure you take a bathroom break before reading because Frank Sudden isn’t making any stops!


A new way to see the end of the world…

Last Driver is a collaboration between C.S. Baker and Shaky Kane, who first worked together on Campaign 2079, a free webcomic released earlier this year by Dead Canary Comics to mark the UK General Election. Kane and Baker have been vibing off each other ever since, developing Last Driver into a long form graphic novel…and it’s been gaining speed.

We wanted to give you guys a taste of the crazy to come. Last Driver is set to be quite a ride and we can’t wait to keep sharing with you guys! Keep an eye on our social feeds for more sneak peaks!

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