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Robyn Puts a Fresh, Exciting and Gorgeous Spin on an Old Classic

If there’s one thing that will always fascinate any comic book reader, it’s stories that spin-off other classic works to the point where the story feels fresh and enjoyable. Robyn is one of those stories. Pulling homages from the famous Robin Hood tales, Robyn tells the story of a young archer who may be biting more than she can chew.

Robyn begins with an introduction to the title character as she prepares to undergo a mission to steal a pendant from a group. While overhearing the men, she learns about a monster that has been stalking the forests. When she successfully steals the pendant, she returns to her employer Tuck, a priest who needed the pendant to open a door deep beneath the church. She asks Tuck about the monster in the forest but after getting no answers decides to investigate the matter on her own.

If there’s one thing Simon Birks knows how to do, it’s introduce a character. The opening pages of Robyn are by far some of the best throughout the issue. It immediately introduces us to the kind of person Robyn is, her philosophies, her struggles, all without seeing her face. The tone is perfect and the artwork conveys the mood perfectly. The greens, oranges, and browns all give the story the sense of dread and overall coldness of her character. Her outfit and design stays true to the Robin Hood we know and love but also gives her enough differences where she stands out on her own. Ege Avci does an amazing job setting the tone with their art.


In fact, Robyn’s attire can easily sum up the entirety of this comic. This comic pays enough homages to Robin Hood but keeps it so fresh and unique that at times I forgot I was even reading a story heavily influenced by Robin Hood. The story, characters, and artwork are the work’s own to the point where I’m wondering why it even has to be connected to Robin Hood in the first place and, if so, how this will connect to the original source as the story progresses.

There’s also a great sense of mystery as you read the comic. Between the mysterious monster in the woods, to Tuck’s true intentions, and then to the reveal of what the monster in the woods actually is, there’s a lot to ponder. With so many directions this story can go, it leave readers intrigued and wanting more. And that’s just with the main plot that is going on, that isn’t even including Robyn’s backstory which is also kept at a mystery.

Robyn is definitely a must read for those who like spin offs of classic stories. It’s a must read for anyone who is a fan of archers. It’s a must read for everyone. This story is so gripping, with an interesting spin on characters, and amazing artwork it would be a shame to miss out on it.

You can follow Simon Birks’ Robyn and other work through Blue Fox Comics. There is currently a free, 8 page preview available. Have you read Robyn 1? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter!

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