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6 Ways Avengers: Infinity War Could Change the MCU

Avengers: Infinity War is more than a year away, but so far from what we’ve learned, it’s going to be a game-changing two-movie event that will rock the MCU. Infinity War pits the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange against Thanos the Mad-King. The Infinity Stones and the Gauntlet, which have been shown throughout the MCU movies and used, will be at the centre of the conflict. The Infinity Stones are game-changing items that can control Reality, Time, Mind, Power, Soul, and Space. How much will it change the MCU? I have a few theories concerning what could happen.

6. More Team-Up Movies

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Depending on the success of this particular movie and its follow-up sequel, we might be able to have more crossovers in the same vein as the random comic book team-ups from past years. I mean, it would be cool if Spider-Man and Doctor Strange would team up on the big screen, since in the comics, they actually have a number of team-ups for one reason or another. It would be neat to see the Avengers and the Guardians working together again—say against the Skrulls or even maybe Galactus (even if Galactus is a traditionally Fantastic Four villain). There are just so many fun and cool things that could come out of the movie.

5. Avengers in Space


It’s an old trope, but everything sometimes is better in Space. We don’t really know any details to Infinity War quite yet, but it would be something if the several of human and non-human members of the Avengers get lost in space. They would have find and fight their way to Earth or to wherever Thanos is wrecking some havoc.

It would also create for strange bedfellows if someone like Black Widow was teamed up with Rocket and Groot for instance or some other such team-up. Avengers dealing with things in space would be so interesting. With the Guardians, it’s different because they already know how to deal, but the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are focused on protecting Earth the most and let’s face it, humans are certainly egocentric enough to not think that there are other creatures and beings smarter than us.

4. Possible Character Deaths


Honestly, there are a few characters, whose stories have come to their ultimate conclusion and now they are floundering to find out what to do next in their lives. I think that there will be a major death for the MCU in Infinity War. My number one bet to die is Steve Rogers. After everything with the Winter Soldier, SHIELD, and the whole Civil War debacle, I think it’s time to say goodbye to Chris Evans‘ Captain America. Not that I want him to die. I really, really don’t, but if I were Marvel Studios and had to hit the fans hard with something, it would be the original Captain America’s death.

Alternatively, Vision is powered by the Mind Stone, so no doubt Thanos will be coming for it. And if Vision has to be destroyed in the process of retrieving the stone, then Thanos will do it. Don’t think for a second that Thanos would show any mercy.

Honestly, none of the characters, except maybe Spider-Man (because he’s so young and new), should be safe when they are going to war with the Mad King.

3. Thanos Could Win and Create an Alternate Universe


Thanos could very well win.  The Avengers divided as they are, even if Tony is trying his best to warn every one of the threat.  The Guardians are not that organized (they mostly have on-the-fly plans or five percent of a plan that tends to blow up in their faces pretty fast).  It’s very possible that communication breakdown and other things can distract them enough to lose.  Thanos could very well get the upper hand.  He’s been alive for thousands of years.  If he has to play mind games with beings he believes to be insignificant pests, then so be it.

So say, Thanos gets the stones. What does he do? Changes the universe to how he wants it to be. I mean, this is an interesting possibility but the most unlikely one because it wouldn’t make sense for the MCU to have Thanos change the universe because then it would change a lot of other things in their canon movie, television and Netflix Universe. It would frankly take a lot of work.

But if Thanos changes the Universe at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, the second movie would be everyone snapping out of whatever daze to try to change it back. Of course, anything set in the MCU would either be adjusted accordingly or have to be set before the events of Infinity War. It’s just a theory.

2. Teams Split Up


If Civil War tore your heart out like it did mine, then you know how much team breakdowns are painful for every person, it’s very bad. The battle against Thanos could deteriorate already tense relationships within the Avengers, causing maybe the Guardians to be stuck alone fighting while the Avengers argued it out. The stress of such a war would do no one any good, especially if Steve and Tony have to be in the same room with each other for an extended period of time. (Even though, Steve kind of made up with Tony because of the letter, but still, Tony’s not the most forgiving person). Not to mention, it won’t be too long after Captain America: Civil War. Tensions can be still high. It might prove to be Earth’s downfall.

1. Teams Reunite and Grow Stronger


The better possibility of all things I mentioned is the battle against Thanos could repair the damage of past events. The Avengers reunited is a force to be reckoned with, especially with all the new heroes popping up on Earth. Basically, the movie hinges on the Avengers getting their shit together in time to help the Guardians and the Nova Corps (because they will be involved, so I’m sensing that maybe we’ll get a Sam Alexander/Nova origin somehow). If and when Thanos is defeated, the defenders of Earth and the Universe will be stronger. That would be a good, and predictably nice ending.

Do we know what is going down in Avengers: Infinity War? No. It’s fun to speculate. Honestly, I think Cap/Steve will probably die and the teams will recover and reunite enough to honor Cap/Steve’s memory or some sentimental thing. I fully expect Tony to be the leader of this ragtag group of superheroes and intergalactic space cops. The scale in which Infinity War is trying to do will have deep ramifications in the MCU, because it’s Thanos and everything has been leading up to it, the Battle against Thanos for the Infinity Stones.

What do you think? What could happen in Avengers: Infinity War to change the MCU forever?  Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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