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6 DC Superheroines Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Wonder Woman will be out on June 2 and it’s the first time a female superhero will be the main, titular character in a blockbuster superhero movie. I’m super excited for it.

There was also recently word that Joss Whedon (director of Avengers Assemble) will be directing a Batgirl movie. At the moment, I am kind of up in the air about that. On one hand, Barbara Gordon (or any of the Batgirls) deserves a solo movie without being bothered by Batman, but on the other hand, can we really trust Whedon to do a Batgirl movie justice?

Wonder Woman and Batgirl are just two of the many DC heroines that deserve a movie (and let’s not forget that Supergirl has a super girl-power TV show on the CW). But what about the other ladies of the DC universe? Here are six DC heroines who need their own film!

6. Carrie Kelly/Robin/Catgirl/Batman


Arguably, The Dark Knight Returns graphic novels are important in the development of Batman, taking him from the 1960s campy style back to his roots as the dark, brooding urban vigilante of the night. The Dark Knight Returns introduced the character of Carrie Kelly, the first girl to hold the title of Robin. In this particular version, Carrie Kelly is a thirteen-year-old girl who impresses Batman, who just came out of retirement. In this verse, she is the second Robin (Jason, Tim, and Damian don’t exist as far as I know in this verse). Eventually, she does step away from being Robin, becoming Catwoman’s protégée, Catgirl.

Finally, why I think she should get her own movie in the DCEU is that she officially becomes a version of Batman as a grown woman. Yes, you read that right. A woman is Batman. She could be the perfect follow-up to Ben Affleck‘s Batman, because it seems like Affleck is wavering on wanting to continue to be Batman. Therefore, other than Dick being Nightwing and having his own movie, Carrie needs to be a Robin. It doesn’t mean that Tim, Jason or Damian can exist, but she’s a far more interesting character to me.

Imagine the flashbacks of her days as Robin and Catgirl, training and trying to make a difference, supporting Batman, being someone who he trusts. Imagine the day that the Dark Knight falls and her decision to pick up the mantle—to become Batman because Gotham and the world needs a Batman.

5. Zatanna Zatara


Zatanna Zatara is a powerful magician in her own right and she is also the daughter of powerful magician Zatara. She is well-known for her spells that are said backwards and the fact that her outfit has no pants. She is one of the other DC heroines that rock fishnets. Zatanna will be in the Justice League: Dark movie about the magic user heroes of the DC Universe (such as Madame Xanadu, John Constantine, Etrigan the Demon and Swamp Thing).

Zatanna can totally stand on her own without any other characters. She should be made the foremost magician in DC Universe (Other than Dr. Fate, Merlin, and Shazam). Zatanna doesn’t have her own rogues’ gallery but I can totally see her combating a returning Morgan Le Fey/Morgana who is trying to make her son Mordred King of the World (or something). Arthurian legend met the DC Universe movie? How can that not work?

4. Black Canary


Black Canary needs her own movie. I know that she’s in Arrow, but has the character really been treated well? Black Canary can carry her own comic book. She’s not just Green Arrow’s on-again-off-again girlfriend. Black Canary is not only been member of the Justice Society of America, the Justice League, and the Birds of Prey. A Black Canary movie could very well lead to a Birds of Prey movie.

Black Canary’s movie would be an origin story—dealing with her powers, even maybe introducing her mother as the first Black Canary, as a hero of the past. With Wonder Woman in WWI, she, Steve Trevor and possibly the Blackhawks were the heroes of that war. But the Justice Society can be the heroes of WWII with classic Golden Age heroes, Black Canary, Jay Garrick Flash, and so on. Imagine Black Canary becoming a member of the Justice League at a later date.

3. Power Girl and Huntress


I know that I said that I was going to not put Supergirl on the list, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to ignore the other female powerhouse who is also the Kyrptonian cousin of Clark Kent/Kal-El/Kal-L. In the comic books, Power Girl is the cousin of Kal-L on Earth-2. She’s a version of Kara Zor-El. Kara Zor-L/Power Girl is more noticeably bustier than Supergirl. She is normally depicted as older than Supergirl, which Power Girl is the next stage for Supergirl. Power Girl can be the opportunity to bring the multiverse in the DCEU, setting it on Earth-2 or having it toggle between her days as Supergirl on Earth-2 and why she became Power Girl on Earth-1.

Power Girl’s best friend is Helena Wayne, the Robin of Earth-2, who eventually becomes Huntress. Helena Wayne is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle/Batman and Catwoman. Like her parents, she has no super powers, but still manages to kick ass. Power Girl and Huntress/Helena Wayne make a great team, bringing the classic Superman/Batman friendship and teamwork in the form of two amazing superheroines.

2. Mera, Queen of Atlantis

Do NOT anger this woman.

Do NOT anger this woman.

Mera deserves her own movie. She’s perfectly capable of standing on her own, outside the shadow of her husband, Arthur Curry. Mera is very powerful. For proof of that check out Aquaman’s run in the New 52 where Mera is featured often as Arthur’s partner and DC Bombshells where Mera is one of the main characters. Mera has the same powers as Aquaman, but she’s better trained in them because she grew up in Atlantis and he didn’t.

We saw some images of Mera in the upcoming Justice League movie and she looks good, but I hope that they do her justice being the kickass partner of Aquaman and not just the useless girlfriend type.

1. Batwoman


If anyone deserves a movie, Batwoman is top of the list. Batwoman is Kate Kane, the cousin of Bruce Wayne (through Bruce’s mother Martha’s side of the family). Kate is the daughter of Jacob Kane and she has a twin sister in Beth Kane (who she thought was dead, but wasn’t and turned out to be a crazy nutjob named Alice that wanted to kill Kate). Kate is also the predominant gay character in DC comics (with Apollo and Midnighter coming in after her in terms of notoriety). However, just because she’s a gay character doesn’t make it her defining characteristic.

No, she’s a very broody, angst-ridden, morbid character, who struggles with the death of her mother and sister at the hand of terrorists and her relationship with her father and his new wife. (By the way she’s just as commitment-phobic as her more famous cousin). Her trials against the criminals of Gotham are just as interesting as Batman’s, if not more. It’s even better when Batwoman is one of the few heroes that Batman doesn’t try to dissuade from the life of a vigilante. Batman does respect Batwoman, and obviously knows who she is, because you know he’s Batman.

Batwoman is technically a part of the Batfamily, but far removed from Batman and kids drama. Batwoman is also not afraid to call Batman out on his sh!t. Batwoman needs her own movie. She totally deserves it for all those reasons and more.

There are a lot of superheroines that deserves movies. Ones that I didn’t include are Helena Bertinelli/Huntress (either the Pre-New 52 one or the New 52 Spyral one, I like both), Raven, Starfire, Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, Thunder and Lightning (Black Lightning’s daughters), Mary Marvel, and all the other Batgirls (Bette, Stephanie, Cassandra, Charlie, Nell, Alysia, Tiffany, Tam, Felicity). They all deserve movies too, but it’s too much to ask for, obviously.

But what would even be better is to adapt the DC Bombshells comics into a television series or a two-part live action movie. I mean, it’s superheroines from all over the world combating the Axis during World War II, with few male superheroes in sight. If that doesn’t sell movies, I don’t know what will.

Who do you think should get their own movie out of all the amazing DC Superheroines?  strong>Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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