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How is Steve Trevor Alive in Wonder Woman 1984?

2017’s Wonder Woman was a box office and critical success. So, naturally, there will be a sequel, Wonder Woman 1984 coming along in 2020. There were recently some teasers out showing us Wonder Woman’s rad new battle armour, which will fit into the 1980s theme, and surprise, surprise, showed us a not-dead Steve Trevor. And according to various sources, it is the actual Steve Trevor, not a relative or anything. But how is Steve Trevor alive in 1984 when we all saw him sacrifice himself so that Wonder Woman could save the day back in the past?

Since we won’t be getting a trailer anytime soon because the DC movies won’t have a table at the next big convention, we have a year to speculate the options of how Wonder Woman’s love interest arrived in 1984 at a mall.

I have a few theories.

My first and main theory is that during the final battle against Ares back in World War I, another godly enemy saw it fit to intervene. I’m talking about another of the gods that Diana in the comics faces as an enemy on a regular basis – Hades. Hades is the God of the Underworld in Greek mythology and one of Diana’s uncles. Since Hades spent all his time in the Underworld, he was probably spared from the plight of the other gods. If he was still around, I’m sure that he knew what Ares was up to and knew that Diana would an adversary to any of Hades’ plans.

I think that Hades either saved Steve Trevor in that last moment or took his soul and gave him a new body when the time was right.

The second theory has to do with the King of the Titans, Kronos, the god of time. Kronos is also a known adversary of the younger gods and clearly had a grudge against his son Zeus for various dramatic Greek mythology reasons. It could also have been Kronos who rescued Steve Trevor at the last moment and put him in a time stasis of some kind.  And then, plopped Steve Trevor into 1984, hence why the man looked majorly confused. It would be a man out of time thing just like Captain America/Steve Rogers in Marvel.

My last theory is more far-fetched – but what if Steve did survive the crash without godly intervention and was captured by the big bad of Wonder Woman 1984 ? I’m wondering since Wonder Woman was very similar to Captain America: The First Avenger, would they draw from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and make Trevor some sort of Cold War operative given the time period in which the movie will be set? It would interesting to say the least.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about why Steve Trevor is alive and well in Wonder Woman 1984. It could very well be none of this things and something that I haven’t thought of yet. I’m sure that the theories will change one more information about the movie come out and when the trailer finally drops.

Why do you think Steve Trevor is kicking around 1984? Do any of theories sound plausible? Or am I just reaching? Let us know in the comment or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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