How Not To Lose Heart During Quarantine

Quarantine tends to become stressful, especially when you’re packed inside four walls all day with the same people and mundane environment. However, staying at home helps keep us safe, and also encourages the superheroes working to save lives inside hospitals to give it their best shot when they know that we, too, are playing our part to help flatten the curve.

Still, it’s easy to lose heart in these trying times; here is a list of ways in which you can improve your mood during the lockdown:

Practice Your Regular Routine

Sticking to your regular, pre-quarantine routine can help bring back a lost sense of stability. For example, if you would usually wake up at 8 am, try to keep doing that. Being at home doesn’t mean you need to lose track of time; if you’re working online, try and stick to your otherwise regular work schedule and clock in the hours accordingly.

Another thing you can do is have your meals at their regular timings; this will help you keep your energy levels up so you can get through the day without facing a sudden crash in energy levels. If you don’t believe us, learn from Superman! Despite his chaotic life, Superman keeps a day job to help him regain a sense of normalcy.
Avoid Staying Up Late Nights

This point ties in with the previous one; do what it takes to carry on with your regular daily routine while making adjustments if needed. Staying up late nights can ruin your sleep cycle and tamper with your circadian rhythm-otherwise known as the body’s natural alarm clock.

By sleeping late at night, you will end up missing out on the sunlight. Sunlight is a proven mood booster; not getting enough of it can lead to depression and anxiety. Just look at our Wonder Woman! Not only is she out saving the world, but she’s able to do it because she gets a good night’s sleep every day. So, to not lose heart and maintain your sanity, be sure to get enough sleep and get it at the right time!

Alter Your Mindset

Instead of telling yourself that you’re “stuck inside” or “trapped,” try a different approach; a positive restatement of the previous phrases can benefit your mood and make you feel better about the situation. This works, we promise! I mean, it’s an approach Captain America uses. He’s one of the most positive superheroes in the Marvel universe, and it’s his mindset that allows him to keep going on despite all the obstacles thrown his way.

People with negative mindsets often end up being crazily depressed and are more likely to develop self-isolation depression than those who try and face the storm while still holding on to hope for the future. Many philosophers and psychologists are in favor of this belief, too. Moral philosophers often argued that people’s thoughts deem their behavior; so, if you keep your thoughts positive, your actions will be healthy and beneficial, too.

Learning more about morality can help you not lose heart during the quarantine; there are many fantastic essays on morality available online for a quick read. Perhaps writing an essay on morality is just what you need to help you understand the current situation better and not lose heart. Once you’re well-versed in the topic, you can try your hand at penning a moral essay example yourself; there are many moral essay topics to choose from, and you’re best off choosing one that resonates with your personal experience.

Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping your space clear and free of clutter generally helps improve mood; living in a clean and organized space can help the mind relax, as opposed to living in a scattered, disorganized space that can actually encourage isolation anxiety. A look at Batman’s Bat Cave will tell you what we’re talking about. His impeccably organized bat cave can really help relieve the stress of fighting crime every day.

Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones

Human beings are social creatures; we thrive off human communication. While some people like meeting up with others more, some feel comfortable on their own. Regardless of whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, though, it is vital that you do your best to stay connected with your loved ones; a good friend may just be the superhero you need to save you from losing heart. After all, just look at how important being with your loved ones is for Superman! Peter Parker’s friends and aunts keep him motivated and help him keep going.

This could mean anything from calling a family member on Skype to hosting a session on Houseparty with friends. For some people, merely hanging out with their pets provides enough comfort to get through the day. No matter who you choose, make sure you try your best to keep them in the loop, or else you could suffer from severe feelings of loneliness, isolation anxiety, and, in some cases, self-isolation depression.

If you are quarantined with other people, make an effort to spend quality time with them. This could mean spending time with family or roommates; whatever you choose, just remember to make your time together meaningful by engaging in conversation, lending them an ear if they need to talk, or asking them to hear you out. Sometimes a good chat with someone trustable is enough to brighten up one’s mood, especially during these trying times.

Use these tips to improve your mood during quarantine; it’s easy to lose heart during these trying times, but you’ve got to pick yourself up and dust off the dirt. If you need, reach out to someone you trust who can help you feel more comfortable about the situation, you both may end up walking away with a new sense of inner peace.

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