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It’s Time for John Stewart to Join the DCEU

First, let me start out this article with a big thank you. THANK YOU to everyone. EVERYONE that was part of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement. To those that signed the original petition, used the hashtag on any social media post, or took part in any other type of good-faith advocacy for Zack Snyder’s vision of Justice League, thank you. Because as much as I love Zack Snyder (the Dawn of the Dead remake is one of my favorite horror movies ever), I did not expect this step up in quality from the 2017 Justice League. But, fortunately, I was wrong. While, of course, it has its flaws, this is the Justice League that we can all get behind. And this is a storyline that we need to see continue until its climax.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a game-changer and begs to question if the DCEU should try to revolve itself around this storyline going forward. Like Marvel did with Infinity War and Endgame, this is the DCEU’s chance to match that blockbuster potential. Or even exceed. However, to pass the quality of the storyline that was displayed in the MCU, you still need a game-changer. Marvel tried to do that from Infinity War to Endgame by adding in Captain Marvel. And while Brie Larson is a terrific actress, the character of Captain Marvel still has a little way to go to become a cornerstone of the MCU.

Through this storyline leading up to final showdown with Darkseid, there are many possible routes for the DCEU. While adding characters like Shazam or even the Suicide Squad are solid ideas going forward, there is a better option. Plus adding in the Suicide Squad might be a little too chaotic. They’re better off on their own. So who’s a great character that’s a cornerstone of the DC Universe? And is this character beloved enough, powerful enough, and fearless enough to hold his own against an attacking genocidal warlord? Absolutely. It’s time to bring John Stewart into the DCEU.

Why the Justice League will need to add a hero

But let’s first get into why a major hero needs to be added to the DCEU eventually. At least in this Snyderverse storyline. While Snyder did a good job building up to Darkseid in his Justice League, the job isn’t done. We just saw Superman basically by himself make Steppenwolf look like a joke. I know in a flashback scene Darkseid was fighting gods, and that he has destroyed thousands of planets in search of the anti-life equation. But knowing how powerful Superman and the rest of the Justice League is, it’s hard to envision Darkseid getting the best of them. This is why he has to originally win.

It doesn’t have to be like Thanos. But we cannot retread what we just saw with Steppenwolf, a victory here, a victory there against Justice League members individually. We need to see Darkseid for the most part defeat the Justice League to establish himself as not only a threat but the threat of the DCEU. And with that impending defeat, the Justice League will need to have a different strategy when confronting Darkseid again. John Stewart needs to be there. Sorry, Hal Jordan, you had your chance and could still be part of the storyline. But now is the time for a standalone film with John Stewart leading up to a Snyder Cut sequel.

Snyder wanted John Stewart in his cut

One of the obvious reasons to make this move is that Zack Snyder originally had John Stewart in his cut. If we are trying to support Snyder’s vision, which most of us clearly like compared to the 2017 Justice League, film nothing should be held back. The main reason Stewart was not in the film was that Warner Brothers allegedly have their own plans with the character. Ok, great. Let’s do it and add him to the Snyderverse so that Zack Snyder is not being restricted in any way going forward. Snyder also was considering adding in Hal Jordan which I’m not necessarily against either. Even though, Stewart should be the main character of focus from the Green Lantern corps.

Stewart is a significant member of the Justice League

John Stewart has very often been a major character in Justice League storylines. While Hal Jordan was an original member, the two have split time with the league. And Stewart was a feature core member in a lot of the later Justice League comics as well as the widely successful television program from the early 2000s. To many young comic fans, Stewart is a founding member of the league and the team does not feel complete until he joins the fold. Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl included. But the lack of a clear Green Lantern presence in the league really stood out compared to the other two.

His personality fits Snyder’s directing style

It’s important to note which of the two, Jordan and Stewart, personality-wise better aligns with Snyder’s directing style. For example, if this was Joss Whedon I would very much favor featuring Hal Jordan over Stewart. While Jordan is the most powerful Lantern ever, his personality fits more into a lighter narrative storyline because of his abrasive, cocky nature. These character traits could add a little flair to the Justice League, but Stewart’s no-nonsense, soldier-like approach better fits Snyder’s direction. Snyder’s directing style visually and thematically is in the form of a dark graphic novel. Jordan is serious when he needs to be but Stewart is simply a better fit for this world .

Hal Jordan can still be included

Lastly, John Stewart is the first African-American superhero to appear in DC Comics. That absolutely has to count for something, and he is a part of some of the most interesting superhero storylines in the Green Lantern comics revolving around race and class. Examples include Stewart’s first assignment in Green Lantern #87 where he has to protect a controversial, political figure. And standalone Green Lantern movie involving Stewart does leave room for a potential storyline involving both him and Jordan as the two interacted a lot throughout the comics. So not only could Stewart’s storyline be a bit more timely but it can also feature Jordan prominently. And in this case Stewart can redeem Hal who does eventually deserve some justice for that original Green Lantern film.

Eventually, the league is going to need a Green Lantern presence. And, controversial take, honestly I would say he has more mainstream star potential compared to Hal Jordan. Especially within this universe where Stewart’s personality is a better fit for Snyder’s direction. Similar to eventually releasing the Snyder Cut, Warner Brothers and the DCEU owe it to its loyal fans to bring Green Lantern back into the fold. And with John Stewart at the helm, not only are we fully realizing Snyder’s vision, we’re giving him the ability to make a follow-up film even better.

Do you want to see the Snyderverse continue? If so what new heroes do you want to see going forward? Also which Green Lantern do you like more and would make a better additional to the Snyderverse? John Stewart or Hal Jordan? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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