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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 5: The Truth Behind The Shield

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier‘s fifth episode, “Truth”, is now available on Disney+. While it starts off with a bang, this episode is a lot more relaxed than previous episodes. It focuses more on the characters rather than the epic fight scenes and conflicts. It’s similar to the first episode in tone, but it’s heavier with the weight of what’s happened so far in the series. As always, spoilers ahead! There’s one character in particular that’s fairly surprising, and she makes good on a promise that there’d be a new huge player in the MCU.

The first scene of the episode is the most chaotic. After Walker killed the Flag-Smasher last episode, he struggles with the consequences of his actions. He tries to justify what he did and why he had to take such drastic measures. Lemar was his best friend and the only consistent source of support for Walker thus far. Bucky and Sam soon find Walker in a warehouse, and a fight ensues. Sam and Bucky are after the shield, claiming that Walker doesn’t deserve it anymore. Walker disagrees. The fight showcases Walker’s newfound strength after taking the serum last episode, and how Sam and Bucky can hardly stand against him. In the fight, Sam’s mechanical wings are broken off, but together he and Bucky manage to defeat Walker. They take the shield from Walker by force, breaking his arm in the process.

After the fight, Walker goes before a congressional committee. They strip him of the Captain America title and offer him an other-than-honorable discharge for his actions. He has some choice words for the committee, claiming that they built him, and he’s done nothing but follow their orders the whole time. But they’re having none of it. His pleas get him nowhere. After the committee meeting, he and his wife are approached by a mysterious new character. She introduces herself as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine – though, just call her Val, except don’t say it out loud. She offers Walker’s wife a blank business card and tells Walker to pick up the phone when she calls. It’s a promise for next episode, but also a promise for the MCU’s future. She seems to support Walker, especially his decision to take the serum. I highly suspect that she’s working with Sharon Carter somehow, though we still don’t know what exactly Sharon’s plans are. Whatever the case, this won’t be the last we see of Val.

Meanwhile, Bucky splits off from Sam to track down Zemo. He’s gone to Sokovia, where we get a tense scene with Bucky threatening to kill Zemo. However, the gun he pulls has no bullets. He drops the bullets to the ground, the same shot we saw in the official trailer. Shortly afterwards, the Dora Milaje arrest Zemo and take him away. This is likely the last we’ll see of both Zemo and the Dora Milaje, as this scene seemed very definitive. Zemo even says goodbye to Bucky. It was wonderful seeing them both while it lasted, but for now, it’s likely the last time we’ll see Zemo, at the very least.

Sam has gone back home during this time. The government has officially “benched” him and Bucky from the investigation, likely because of Walker’s actions. So as Sam waits for a lead, he settles in back home and starts to help his sister Sarah with restoring the family boat. He also approaches Isaiah Bradley with questions about his past. Bradley opens up with an incredibly tragic and heartbreaking story of war, death, and the horrors of the experiments he was put through. By the end of his story, he tells Sam that the shield he carries is “the great white hope”. A Black man would never be allowed to take up the shield, and based on his story, he believes a Black man would be a fool to stand for the shield’s legacy. It gives Sam food for thought, especially since he’s been doubting Steve’s decision to give him the shield ever since episode one.

Bucky eventually tracks down Sam, and together the two of them get to work fixing the boat. Sam also calls in a few favors with the locals to get their help. It really hammers in the fact that his hometown is full of good people. Overall it’s a lighthearted time, with Bucky even making some small attempts at flirting with Sarah. It all boils down to Sam and Bucky’s conversation outside Sam’s home, however. As they both train with the shield, Bucky apologizes for putting the shield’s expectations on Sam. Sam then gives Bucky the cold, hard truth. Bucky shouldn’t look to others to be told who and what he is, and if he wants to forgive himself, he needs to help others find closure. Honestly, Sam’s a better therapist here than that government lady from episode one. Bucky takes this to heart, and the two part ways. I’d love to see Bucky go to Mr. Nakasima to help him find closure. That’d be a wonderful way to circle back to the very beginning of the series!

And this would work beautifully next to Sam’s development as well. He’s given a training montage to demonstrate his growing prowess with the shield. The way things are going – especially considering he abandoned his wings early on in the episode – it’s likely Sam is being set up as the new Captain America. But we shouldn’t count Walker out just yet. In a sneaky end credits scene, we see him forging his own shield. He isn’t ready to give up the title just yet, and that’ll make for a potentially dangerous encounter next episode.

The Flag-Smashers and Karli are also about to make their next move. Angered at losing so many good people, Karli promises that the wait is over. The GRC meet to make their vote on the Patch Act, which would return twenty million people to their origin countries. Karli and co. go to New York City, where they interrupt the vote. Sam watches from the TV, realizing that she’s in the United States and that this is the lead he’s been waiting for. The episode ends with Sam opening a suitcase from Bucky. Maybe it’s his wings, maybe it’s a new Captain America suit. We’ll find out soon, but for now, we must wait with baited breath. The finale is on the horizon, and Sam and Bucky will have to face some of their greatest challenges yet. I, for one, can’t wait to see how the series ends.

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