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All The Intricacies Of “Midnight Heart”

midnight heart

Midnight Heart centers on a mummy’s curse running rampant among London archaeologists. But there’s more to everything than meets the eye. Ancient secrets; queer love affairs; treachery and murder. Kitsune Art’s comic is like mixing the ending of Night of the Museum 2, Egyptian lore, and all the intricacies of Black Butler storytelling. All of that wrapped up in tasteful and elegant art to truly elucidate all the intricacies of the plot.

The events of the past are far more interesting compared to the current mysteries of the present. That being said, it’s quite a slow and quiet story that rushes its last few pages. This leaves it feeling almost incomplete even when there is a clear ending and resolution. A lot of that is to do with how fast the events of the middle section switch up. As much as I love the flashback sequence and the realization of the twist playing out, it feels like it doesn’t explore the potential that’s truly there. There’s more to the lore, to the characters, and the many different stories than can be told with it. I’d like to see all of this expanded truly.

Water and ink shade the backdrops and objects; well-defined lines accentuate the characters, their features and personality. In general, the character designs are just so beautiful, each with their own individualistic touch. This is the main crux that make the parallelism between the different characters work so well. They each have their own identifiers that make them standout and unique to each other. But there’s also subtle similarities; things such as eye shapes and the innocence of their features. These justify the cause for parallelism that the plot requires.

Midnight Heart’s aesthetic in general is simplicity at its finest. For example, the black borders, white text boxes, and black fonts allow the intricate shading to really shine through. It’s those simple techniques that amplify the stripped-down beauty of the plot. It uses poetic narrative and rhymes. These alongside lots of sensory description really help set the time and tone of the story. It’s beautiful and peaceful; there’s synergy in the art and writing. The description is so vivid in color despite the achromatic palette. The water ink art blends well with the delivery of narration; the warm glow of lights truly heighten the anxiety and mystery surrounding the panels.

Flashback memories as the absolute highlight of the entire graphic novel come through in a dream-like sequence from an outsider’s perspective. This presentation is very immersive in itself. There are no words; just a series of panels that lead from one act to the next. That way of storytelling is quiet with high intensity and impact; the romance is intimate and hot without explicit sex scenes, and the twist is horrifying and dark just with the simple use of shading to illustrate shadows and blood.

Midnight Heart is a wonderful read. So wonderful in fact that its only downside is that, there’s just so few pages yet there’s still so much story to be told. I hope one day, it gets a chance to truly be expanded upon on.

Need something to satiate that need for ancient romance? Craving for a mix of Egyptian and Victorian lore? Look no further than Midnight Heart, now available to order over on Kitsune Art’s website. Let us know all your thoughts on it in the comments down below or over on our Twitter!

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