10 of the Greatest Superhero TV Shows of All Time

Superhero TV shows are all the rage at the moment and have been increasing in popularity over the past decade or so, marking a revival that we’ve not seen since the 90s. Whether it’s TV shows based on video games or TV shows based on comic books that you love, there are bound to be some TV shows here that you love.

What makes a superhero TV show good?

While fans love to have their every need and desire addressed, a good superhero TV show needs a lot more than fan service if it wants to succeed. What you need if you want to succeed is a mix of smart casting, interesting storylines, and some element of crossover into other TV shows, by modern standards anyway.

Here are some of the most-loved superhero TV shows that we think you absolutely need to check out – if you haven’t already!



A superhero show that is very much aimed at adults, we’ll leave this up to you if you decide you want the family to watch this one. The show is brilliantly witty, thanks to writer Robert Kirkman, and is perfect if you want a cartoon that’s got a great narrative whilst also having a great cast of actors. If you want to give it a try, head over to Amazon.

The Flash


While it might be super cheesy at times and receive its fair share of criticism for below-par special effects, The Flash is a great superhero TV show that has a tonne of longevity, running for almost a decade. If Barry Allen and his band of high-speed speedster enemies sound like something you’d enjoy, give The Flash a go.

The Boys


The Boys has been everywhere at the moment with the latest season being a colossal hit. The show is unlike most other superhero shows in that it revolves around a team of rogues whose biggest aim is to wipe out the world’s superheroes. They tell you not to meet your heroes and The Boys is very much a reason why.



Alan Moore’s graphic novel was a huge hit when it was first released and has had a lasting impression on the world of adult literature. The show, much like the comic book, has been loved by fans, and while it was never going to live up to such a stellar standard, it’s come as close as possible to succeeding. It’s worth the watch!



Probably the biggest TV show of the year, let alone the biggest superhero-themed one, WandaVision builds on the success of the MCU and fleshes out the character of one of the lesser-known members of the team. Loved instantly by fans, WandaVision shot straight to the top of the rankings and smashed it according to fans.



Who doesn’t love Tom Hiddlestone? Loved ever since he first appeared in the first Thor film, Loki is a loveable villain who might not always do the right things, even if he isn’t wholly evil. He’s a complex character and this MCU TV show allows his personality to be fleshed out a lot more, letting the viewer truly understand his motivations.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


One of the first superhero TV shows to really go mainstream, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. might be quite a cheesy show but some of the plotlines are really interesting and feature some quite well-known cast members. We’re unlikely to see a huge amount of cross-over into the MCU moving forward but that doesn’t mean it isn’t loved by fans.

Doom Patrol


First released back in 2019, Doom Patrol probably isn’t what you’d expect from a superhero TV show. The characters are weird, really weird, and you will probably need to mentally prepare for some shocks and thrills. If you need any more reason to watch, everybody’s favorite mummy slayer Brendan Fraser is one of the main actors.



Part of the CW’s interesting roster of superhero TV shows, Stargirl is a mixed bag but has survived a few years, meaning it certainly has some legs to it. If you want to learn more about the formation of the Justice Society of America and what their battles with the Injustice Society were like, Stargirl might be for you.



Maybe the most well-known superhero TV show to have been on for the past few decades, Arrow was a great action show that not only featured some great storylines but also a good cast, especially when you consider how mixed the CW can be. If action and drawn-out battles sound like something you’d like, Arrow is a great superhero TV show to watch.

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