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Top 6 Directors Who Should Be Considered For Bond 25


Spectre has just been released but there is already speculation and excitement surrounding the next film, Bond 25. Will star Daniel Craig return to the role he has played so well since 2006? Another question on fans lips is who will direct? Will two-time Bond director Sam Mendes return after the success of Skyfall and Spectre? Or is he done with the series? If Mendes decides to step down, there is a long list of potential directors itching to take over. Here we list the 6 directors we would like to see be considered for Bond 25:

6. Alfonso Cuarón


This one was difficult, as there were a number of directors I considered for the final spot including, Shame director Steve McQueen and Moon‘s Duncan Jones. But the Oscar-winning Alfonso Cuaron won out as a director who should be considered to take over the series. Cuarón of course recently directed the super successful Gravity in 2013, but he also directed the great film Children of Men in 2006, a film that swayed my choice to pick him for a potential candidate to take over the series.

5. Martin Campbell


Martin Campbell is the only director on the list to have already directed a Bond film, two in fact. First he directed Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye in 1995 and then Daniel Craig in Casino Royale in 2006, arguably two of the finest films in the series. Campbell has proven he can direct Bond films, especially a Daniel Craig Bond film and I would personally love to see the director return again. His two Bond films stick out for all the right reasons, especially Casino Royale, which is one of the finest instalments of Bond to date.

4. Danny Boyle


It’s surprising to me that Danny Boyle hasn’t directed a Bond film yet. The Trainspotting director would be a safe choice for the producers who will want to carry on from the success of the two Mendes’ films. The Oscar-winner will be able to handle a Bond film and the stress that comes with the role. Boyle of course directed the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, which featured Bond meeting with the Queen before parachuting out of a helicopter. We certainly think he could handle the task of directing a feature film starring the hero.


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